What Do Chapters Do?

The Fulbright Association has 55 local chapters across the United States that are led and managed by volunteer alumni who reside in the area. Chapters provide Fulbright alumni and visiting Fulbrighters with diverse opportunities for networking, professional development, mentoring, cultural enrichment, and community service.

Our members find that local chapters offer a supportive, collaborative community and a tangible way to extend the Fulbright experience. All members must be affiliated with a local chapter, but there is no obligation to attend chapter events. Upon registration, alumni may select the local chapter that they wish to join, or be assigned to the closest chapter to their home address.

Find Your Local Chapter

Explore the map below to find Fulbright Association chapters in your area. While not all states and localities are served by a Fulbright Association chapter, all zip codes are assigned to the closest chapter. Clicking on the icon for your city or state will open a tab with the contact information for that chapter’s president, as well as chapter websites and Facebook pages or groups (where applicable).

Interested in connecting with chapter opportunities near you, or starting a new chapter in your area? Contact chapters@fulbright.org.

While the Fulbright Association is a U.S.-based organization, click here to learn more about our international partner associations.


Alabama Chapter
President: Dr. Chippewa Thomas
President’s E-mail: thoma07@auburn.edu


Arizona Chapter
Co-Presidents: Holly Wheeler, Iva Skobic, and Laura Gilbert


Arkansas Chapter
President: Glen Harrison
President’s E-mail: glenhar@gmail.com


Greater Los Angeles Chapter
President: Jose Siles
President’s E-mail: president@fulbright-gla.org

Northern California Chapter
President: Merryl Kravitz
President’s E-mail: m_kravitz@nmhu.edu

San Diego Chapter
President: Khalid Tahboub
President’s E-mail: taboub.khalid@gmail.com


Colorado Chapter
Co-President: Karen Barton & Andrea Maestrejuan
Co-President’s E-mail: karensbarton@gmail.com
Co-President’s E-mail: amaestre@msudenver.edu


Connecticut Chapter
President: Tom Agoston
President’s E-mail: tom.agoston@gmail.com

District of Columbia

National Capital Area Chapter
President: David Smith


Mid-Florida Chapter
President: Siobhane O’Kane
President’s E-mail: siobhanaok@gmail.com

North Florida Chapter
President: Kevin Thompson
President’s E-mail: kevin.thompson@fulbrightmail.org

Fulbrighters with Disabilities

Fulbrighters with Disabilities Chapter
This is an online chapter, so is open to anyone, regardless of geographic area.
President: Geghie A. Davis-Tillie


Georgia Chapter
President: Tamie Jovanelly
President’s E-mail: tjovanelly@berry.edu 


Hawai’i State Chapter
President: Jay Hartwell
President’s E-mail: hartwell@hawaii.edu


Eastern Washington/ North Idaho Chapter
President: Raymond Sun
President’s E-mail: sunray@wsu.edu


Chicago Chapter
President: EdelMarie Jose
President’s E-mail: edelmarie.jose@fulbrightmail.org

Southern Illinois Chapter
President: Andrew Carver
President’s E-mail: acarver@siu.edu


Indiana Chapter
President: Leslie Bozeman
President’s E-mail: lbozeman@iupui.edu


Iowa Chapter
President: Richard Johnson
President’s E-mail: rich4950@gmail.com


Kansas City Chapter
President: Z. Hall
President’s E-mail: zhall3@gmail.com  


Kentucky Chapter
President: Jim Fatzinger
President’s Email: jim.fatzinger@eku.edu


Louisiana Chapter
President: Patrice Moulton
President’s Email: louisiana@fulbright.org


Maine Chapter
Vice-President: Kirsten Brewer
President’s E-mail: kirstbrwr@gmail.com


National Capital Area Chapter
President: David Smith


Massachusetts Chapter
President: Joe McDonough
President’s E-mail: consultrol@aol.com


Michigan / Northwest Ohio Chapter
President: Alice Blumenfeld
President’s Email: aliceblumenfeld@gmail.com

West and Mid-Michigan Chapter
President: Michelle Metro-Roland
President’s E-mail: michelle.metro-roland@wmich.edu



Mississippi Chapter
Presidents: Bryan Farrell
President’s E-mail: bfarrell@international.msstate.edu


Kansas City Chapter
President: Z. Hall
President’s E-mail: zhall3@gmail.com  


Nebraska Chapter
President: Wael ElRayes
President’s E-mail: nebraska@fulbright.org

New Jersey

New Jersey Chapter
President: Pat Hutchinson
President’s E-mail: pat.hutchinson@fulbrightmail.org

New Hampshire

New Hampshire Chapter
President: Willem DeVries
President’s E-mail: willem.devries@unh.edu

New Mexico

New Mexico Chapter
President: Carol Larroque
President’s E-mail: carol.larroque@gmail.com

New York

Central New York Chapter
President: Kathleen Mulligan
President’s E-mail: centralnewyork@fulbright.org

Eastern New York Chapter
Treasurer: Duane Matcha
President’s E-mail: dmatcha4648@gmail.com

Greater New York Chapter
President: Josephine Dorado
President’s E-mail: fulbrightny@gmail.com

Western New York/Northwest Pennsylvania Chapter
President: Richard Wnuk
President’s E-mail: wnuk@aol.com

North Carolina

North Carolina Chapter
Website | northcarolina@fulbright.org
Co-President: Ruie Pritchard Grace Prakalapakorn
Co-President’s E-mail: ruie_pritchard@ncsu.edu
Co-President’s E-mail: grace.prakalapakorn@duke.edu


Michigan / Northwest Ohio Chapter
President: Alice Blumenfeld
President’s Email: aliceblumenfeld@gmail.com

Central Ohio Chapter
President: Julie DePaulo
President’s E-mail: juliedepaulo@gmail.com

Northeast Ohio Chapter
Website | northeastohio@fulbright.org
President: Regennia Williams
President’s E-mail: regennia@gmail.com


Oregon Chapter
WebsiteFacebookoregon@fulbright.org , fulbrightoregon@gmail.com
Co-President: Tiffany Viggiano
E-mail: taviggiano@alaska.edu
Co-President: Hyunsoo Lee
E-mail: wanderer85326@gmail.com


Central Pennsylvania Chapter
President: William Shuey
President’s E-mail: wts5003@psu.edu

Greater Pittsburgh Area 

President: Hannalore Merritt
President’s E-mail: hannalore.merritt@gmail.com 

Philadelphia/Delaware Valley Chapter
President: Matthew D. Smith
President’s E-mail: wesselyni@gmail.com

Western New York/Northwest Pennsylvania Chapter
President: Richard Wnuk
President’s E-mail: wnuk@aol.com

Rhode Island

Rhode Island Chapter
President: Alana Deluty
President’s E-mail: alana.deluty@gmail.com

South Carolina

South Carolina Chapter
President: Alex Akulli


Austin Chapter
President: Robert Watkins
President’s E-mail: robert.watkins@austin.utexas.edu

Brazos Valley Chapter
President: Jonathon Coopersmith
President’s E-mail: j-coopersmith@tamu.edu 

Dallas Chapter
President: Rachel Ball-Phillips

Houston/Southeast Texas Chapter
President: Consuelo Waight
President’s E-mail: cwaight@uh.edu

San Antonio Chapter
President: Dr. Trey Guinn
President’s E-mail: tguinn@uiwtx.edu


Utah Chapter
President: Nan McEntire
President’s E-mail: nmcentire@indstate.edu


Blue Ridge Virginia Chapter
Board Member: Roland Walters

Central Virginia Chapter
President: Fred Borch

National Capital Area Chapter
President: David Smith

Virtual Walden Chapter

Virtual Walden Chapter
This is an online chapter, so is open to anyone, regardless of geographic area.
President: Dr. Nadia Delanoy
President’s E-mail: nadia.delanoy@ucalgary.ca


Eastern Washington/ North Idaho Chapter
President: Raymond Sun
President’s E-mail: sunray@wsu.edu

Western Washington Chapter
President: Elisa Ahern
President’s E-mail: elisa.ahern@gmail.com


Seven Rivers Region Chapter
Treasurer: Miranda Panzer

Wisconsin Chapter
President: Ann Olson
President’s E-mail: arborannie@gmail.com