Celebrating Fulbright Friends

What made your Fulbright experience memorable? It was the people, right? Perhaps it was the professor who supported you during your application process, the fellow Fulbrighter who offered you emotional support abroad, or the host family who welcomed you into their home. Maybe it was the lab partners who supported a breakthrough in research or the students who challenged your viewpoint. They all became your friends.
To honor friends like these and to advance our shared mission, we hope you will donate to the Fulbright Association today. The friend you choose to honor will receive an email recognizing your donation. Your friend and friendship will also be honored through features on the Fulbright Association website, on social media, and in upcoming publications (with your permission).

Fulbright Friend Honorees

Thank you to donated who contributed to the Fulbright Association in honor of their friends, and thank you to the friends who inspired their generosity.
John Bader, for his visionary leadership, honored by Carol Sterling
John Bader, honored by Julia McNamara
John Bader, honored by Amy Paronto
Dag Blanck, an outstanding host to dozens of Fulbrighters to Sweden, honored by Karen V. Hansen
Marjatta Nurmikari-Berry and Michael Berry, honored by Donal Carbaugh
Dr. Martha Bohachevsky-Chomiak, honored by Lon David Kaufmann
Bronislovas “Bronius” Burgis, one of the greatest educators in Lithuania, honored by Alfred Koch
Michael DeLucia, honored by Mary Lou and Wayne Bremser
Late Chief Chukwuemeka Benedict Elem (Spacomedia), remembered by his daughter, Shantisheila Ifeadi
Robert C. Ferguson, Greece ’86, remembered by Christine Vonder Haar
Dr. Nohema Fernandez, honored by Deborah Nemko
Senator J. William Fulbright, honored by Ralph Turner
Jodi Gandolfi,  honored by Don Horisberger, who wrote “One of the best things about my Fulbright was meeting her. it was the start of a lifelong friendship.”
Bridget Gillespie, honored by Sheila Madden Bridant
Jerome M. Ginsberg, remembered by Carol Ginsberg
Dr. Carl Holladay, honored by Charlotte McDaniel
Perry and Rena Horowitz, honored by Tali Horowitz
Professor Rosnah Ismail, honored by Beverly Palmer, who wrote “my continued appreciation for all you did for me during my Fulbright.”
“The Jeju Girls,” honored by M.E. Mildenberg
Rebecca Kanter, a second-generation Fulbright alumna honored by her grandmother, Cecile Benson
Noureddine Kahlaoux, “my Fulbright partner in 2007 and friend with whom I still collaborate today,” honored by Jeanne Windor
Ellen E. Kloehn, remembered by Edward Kloehn
Dr. Ilya Levin, honored by Victor Bianchini
Dr. Helmut Liedloff, who “inspired and encouraged me to apply and supported me through the entire application process,” honored and remembered by Janet VanValkenburg
Marjory Macleod and Alastair Burnett, honored by Sheila Madden Bridant
Dietger De Maeseneer, honored by Jenna Kloepel
Michael J. Murphy, honored by Penny Axelrod
Christine Oswald, for all that she does for the Kentucky Chapter, her positive attitude, and her willingness to always find the answer, honored by Jim Fatzinger
Cornelius B. Prior, honored by Anisa Medhi
Hoyt Purvis, remembered for his commitment to education and international exchange by Steven Beaupre
Hoyt Purvis, remembered by Laura Burns
Hoyt Purvis, remembered by Lowell and Kathryn Grisham
Hoyt Purvis, remembered by Ivor Glen Harrison
Hoyt Purvis, remembered by A. Thomas King
Hoyt Purvis, remembered by DeDe Long
Hoyt Purvis, remembered by Rebecca Thompson
Ofra Yogev Quinn, remembered by Martin Quinn
Saria Rantio, honored by Myrl Jones
Dr. Albert C. Ringelstein, a Fulbright Senior Lecturer in Moldova and Ukraine, honored by Henry B. Sirgo
Dr. James Scorzelli, honored by Mary Scorzelli
Dina Sharon, honored by Yitzhak and Andy Sharon
Dr. Myron Stachiw, honored by Lon David Kaufmann
Dr. James Scorzelli, honored by Mary Scorzelli
Marilyn Susman, honored by Donna Grauer in celebration of Marilyn’s birthday and her beloved organization
Kalpesh Vasoyatank, honored by Mrinalini Watson
Zipangani Vokhiwa remembers her mother through her donation
Myrtle Williams, honored by Bruce Thomas
Valentina Zych, the best professor I ever had, honored by Mary Ellen Yacura

Fulbright Friend Spotlights

Hoyt Purvis

Honored by DeDe Long

Dr. Nohema Fernandez

Honored by Deborah Nemko

Dietger De Maeseneer

Honored by Jenna Kloepel

Kalpesh Vasoyatank

Honored by Mrinalini Watson

Dr. Ilya Levin

Honored by Victor Bianchini

Dr. Myron Stachiw

Honored by Lon David Kaufmann

Michael J. Murphy

Honored by Penny Axelrod

Bridget Gillespie

Honored by Sheila Madden Bridant

Dr. Martha Bohachevsky-Chomiak

Honored by Lon David Kaufmann

Marjatta Nurmikari-Berry and Michael Berry

Honored by Donal Carbaugh

Marjory Macleod and Alastair Burnett

Honored by Sheila Madden Bridant

Darlene DeMarie, Ph.D.

Honored by Stephanie A. Arthur, Ph.D.

David Levin

Honored by Beverly Hawk