October 6-8, 2020 in Taipei, Taiwan

Stay Tuned for News and Updates

The Fulbright Association’s 43rd Annual Conference will be held in Taipei, Taiwan from October 6-8, 2020. The conference is co-organized by Fulbright Taiwan (Foundation for Scholarly Exchange) 學術交流基金會. Themed “The world is for all,”  the conference speaks to the missions of the Fulbright Program and the Fulbright Association and hopes to strike a balance between global and regional issues. Some of the topics under consideration will be Climate Change, Global Health, Cross-strait and Triangular relationships (China, Taiwan, US), strengthening global communities with a focus in the Asia-Pacific region, domestic Politics in Taiwan, China, and Hong Kong., Ethnic, Gender, Sexual, and Cultural Identities, and the Global Economic Outlook.

Call for proposals open coming soon

The Cohen Lecture Award, Social Innovation Challenge, Fulbright Talks and nominations for the Lifetime Achievement Awards will also be opening soon with early bird registrations. We will also be offering an insight tour post conference in Taiwan starting October 11, 2020. Details forthcoming.

The Fulbright Program may be a flagship program for U.S. public diplomacy, but the empiricism on its execution and impact, here and abroad, is often anecdotal. We want to complement powerful Fulbright stories—which we welcome to this conference—with rigorous frameworks for analysis and data-rich evidence. We invite proposals from researchers at all levels, who need not be Fulbright alumni, to share their findings on public diplomacy, broadly defined and not limited to the Fulbright Program.

We are closely monitoring whether the spread of a coronavirus will affect the Fulbright Association’s annual conference in Taipei, Taiwan, October 6-8.

For now, all indications suggest we can hold the conference as planned. Movement between Taiwan and the Chinese mainland is highly restricted. There are only 10 confirmed cases of the disease in Taiwan, compared with 17,000 in China.

As your safety and well-being is our highest priority, we will continue to monitor the situation, as these conditions may change. For now, please answer the call for proposals, which you receive in the February 27 Fulbright Edge. We will continue planning for the conference and will inform you of any needed changes.