The 1946 Society

The 1946 Society is a giving program that honors the founding year of the Fulbright Program, 1946.

In 2015, the Fulbright Association established the 1946 Society to commemorate the 70th anniversary of the Program. Members enjoy exclusive benefits that include VIP event invitations, briefing sessions, and recognition at Fulbright Association programming. “1946ers” are the Fulbright Association’s most loyal and generous donors, foundational to FA’s success and impact.

Joining the 1946 Society supports the Fulbright Association’s mission to continue and extend the  Fulbright tradition of education, advocacy, and service. 1946 Society members work towards this mission, in part, by donating $1,946 annually.

This support funds all of the Association’s programs, including advocacy to Capitol Hill, chapter programs nationwide, and community outreach through Fulbright in the Classroom.

We invite all donors who give $1,946 or more during a calendar year to this community of donors.

Join Today.

Benefits of 1946 Society Membership

  • Community – Enjoy VIP invitations to new programs, special celebrations, and exclusive events with and networking opportunities among other 1946ers.
  • Early Access to Event Registration – Secure tickets before tickets are available to our full membership, ensuring you will always have a special seat.
  • Quarterly Briefing Sessions – Stay engaged with Fulbright Association strategy and happenings through an exclusive virtual briefing with FA’s Executive Director.
  • Public Recognition – Inspire our Fulbright community of givers through recognition on the Fulbright Association webpage and in the Fulbright Association Annual report.
  • Spirit Wear – Showcase your support for the Fulbright Program with access to the newest Fulbright Association-branded spirit wear, publications, and merchandise.


(Updated December 19, 2022)

Fred Acker
Elizabeth Adkins-Regan
Dick Arndt
John Ausura*
Gyorgy Baffy
Cynthia Baldwin
Georgia Berryhill
Bettina Blake
Frederic Borch*
David and Katherine Bradley
Marilyn Callander*
Timothy Cobau
Margo P. Cohen
Julius E. Coles
Pete Colhoun
Richard A. Colignon
Pamela Cook
Alex Counts*
Michael DeLucia
Nancy El-Hibri
Pauline Eveillard
Don Fels
Fulton Fischer*
Bruce A. Fowler*
Scott Friedman*
Marilyn Gaddis*
Alison Gardy
Robert Gervasi
Heather Godsmark*
Krishna Guha
Sudha Haley
Mufi Hannemann
Beverly Hawk*
Mary Ellen Heian Schmider*
Robert Helm*
Loren Hershey*
John Horvath
Stanley Jacobson*
Sung-Hou Kim
Elbrun Kimmelman
Joan Kluwe
J. Michael Korff
William Krantz
Teh-Lung Ku
Leland Lazarus
Caroline Levander
Ann Lewis
Elsa Limbach
DeDe Long*
Edward Macner
Rebecca Macieira-Kaufmann
David Maxwell
Charlotte McDaniel
Julia McNamara
Brenda Moore
Barbara Mossberg
Michael Mueller
Sherry Mueller*
Susan Leider Munzer
Jay Nathan*
Nancy Neill*
H. Andréa Neves*
Duc Viet Nguyen
Sharon Nickols*
Hilda Ochoa-Brillembourg
Stephen Penman
Mitzi Perdue
Manfred Philipp
Thomas Pickering
Hoyt Purvis
Kamala Raghavan
Ramesh Ramakrishnan
Dolores Rinke*
Jenifer Rogers
H. David Rosenbloom
Ulku Rowe
John Sargent*
Robert Schock
Suzanne Siskel
Donald Sparks*
Mary Ann Stanton
Brendan Thomson*
Anthony Viscusi
William Vocke
John Vogel*
Josh Weston
Brian White
Nancy York*
In Memoriam:
Charity Sunshine Tillemann-Dick (honored by Annette Lantos Tillemann-Dick and Yonatan Doron)
Fuad El-Hibri
Karl Pister
*Inaugural 1946 Society member

1946 Society Members of the Year

Annually, the 1946 Society Member of the Year Awards honors two 1946 Society Members who exemplify the Fulbright Association mission to continue and extend the Fulbright tradition of education, advocacy and service.

2022 Members of the Year

Andrea Neves

2022 Member of the Year

DeDe Long

2022 Member of the Year