Are you interested in starting a new chapter in your state or local region?

The Fulbright Association has over 50 chapters throughout the country that provide American and visiting Fulbright alumni and friends of international exchange with diverse opportunities for networking, professional development, mentoring, cultural enrichment, and community service. Without our chapters, the Association’s impact and reach would be greatly diminished.

If your area is not yet currently represented by the chapter network, consider chartering a local chapter today! To see a map of our current chapters, click here.

Key Steps


Step one: Reach out to and discuss with other local Fulbright alumni

Discuss formation of a chapter with key Fulbright alumni to gain initial broad-based support. You should discuss with them the emphasis of your chapter. What kinds of events, advocacy, service, and hospitality will you offer? Making these decisions will give focus to your chapter. For example, Fulbright chapters are in an excellent position to promote an international perspective and world view in communities and campuses by collaborating with local individuals, campus administrators, academics and visiting international students. By including such activities, your chapter will be communicating the value of international educational exchange.


Step two: Contact the National Office

Contact the National Office to request materials for chartering a chapter, including:
  1. Chapter Bylaws
  2. Chapter Handbook
  3. Chapter Affiliation Agreement


Step three: Chapter Handbook

Carefully study the Chapter Handbook. This publication is essential in developing the activities of a chapter.


Step four: Support and endorsement

Acknowledge (in writing) individuals who have offered their support and endorsement for the founding of the chapter. This record may be helpful at a later date and should also be included in the chapter archives.


Step five: Committee

Form an organizational committee.
  1. Include key alumni (international and U.S Fulbrighters) who have demonstrated an interest in and commitment to international exchange.
  2. Choose organizational committee members who are willing to be actively involved.
  3. Provide written information about the Fulbright Association to the organizational committee prior to their first meeting and, as much as possible, talk with each member individually about the Association.


Step six: Meeting

Plan an organizational meeting, with email assistance from the National Office, with the following agenda:
  1. Explain the history, purpose, and goals of the Fulbright Association.
  2. Provide specific examples of programs, services and activities of other chapters and discuss what your chapter may do.
  3. Describe the respective responsibilities of the chapter and National Office.
  4. Distribute written materials describing the Association to those who have not previously received them.
  5. Prepare a plan for forming the chapter and elicit ideas, comments and suggestions.
  6. Call for a vote of support for the plan.
  7. Elect officers (president, vice president, secretary and treasurer) and submit a petition for the chartering of a chapter to the National Office, including an executed official Affiliation Agreement

If you have questions about or are interested in chartering a chapter, contact