Join us on April 20th, 2023 in Washington, DC, to advocate for the Fulbright Program.

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Fulbright Advocacy

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There are many ways to get involved in advocacy with the Fulbright Association

The Fulbright Prize

Hosting the Fulbright Prize in Washington offers the opportunity for invited members of Congress to spend time with our community and see the impact of the Program for themselves. We expect up to 50 members from both chambers and both parties to attend.

Advocacy Day

Every year, the Fulbright Association organizes a day of meetings on Capitol Hill to educate members of Congress on the Fulbright Program and its impact


Through our chapters, we maintain an ongoing grassroots campaign that builds relationships with district and state offices for the House and Senate, respectively. This outreach includes visits to those offices as well as the extension of invitations for members to attend local events.

Our Message

Restore the Fulbright Program at $369.5 million for FY 2024

($82m over $287.5m for FY 2023)

For more than 75 years, the Fulbright Program has strengthened U.S. national security by building alliances, partnerships, and goodwill in 165 countries. Fulbright is an efficient and effective national security and diplomatic tool that promotes American values and mutual understanding, funds American higher education, and leverages the investment of over $100m from other countries.

The Fulbright Program has lost 28.5% of its value since 2010, even after the $12.5m increase for FY23.

Congress saw the need to increase its investment in Fulbright after 12 years of flat funding. It recognized that inflation and new challenges (healthcare, American tuition costs) have diminished the Program’s impact, prestige, and effectiveness. This increased investment was a good start.

Importantly, restoring funding to the 2010 level would accomplish the following:

  1. Counter China, which has filled the financial and leadership void by funding many more scholars in their exchange program;
  2. Increase strategic investments, such as boosting grants to NATO countries in response to Russian aggression;
  3. Recruit and fund diverse and representative candidates with grants that have greater monetary value;
  4. Provide needed resources to Fulbright Commissions and US Embassies to support grantees properly.

The Fulbright Association, representing over 400,000 alumni worldwide, asks our friends in Congress to support an appropriation of $369.5 million for FY 2024, restoring funding to the 2010 level.

Thank you for supporting the Fulbright Program, America’s flagship connection to the world.

Get Involved

The resources compiled here are available to assist in your chapter and individual advocacy efforts on behalf of Fulbright.

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