Fulbright Access

Fulbright Access connects Fulbrighters with disabilities to each other and to accessibility resources throughout their Fulbright grant period. For more information, email the Fulbright Access team at fulbrightaccess@gmail.com.


Fulbridge aims to build bridges between Fulbrighters from different countries and cohorts. Their website is https://fulbridge.org/.


Fulbright Families

Fulbright Families knows how scary it can be to move your family to another country. Like you, they once sat at a computer and carefully crafted their applications and thought really hard about how their family members would be impacted. They are dedicated to creating a space where potential applicants with dependents and Fulbright Alumni can develop meaningful connections and expand knowledge about applying for the Fulbright program and traveling with dependents. Contact them at fulbrightandfamilies@outlook.com.

Fulbright HBCU

Fulbright HBCU highlights the stories of grantees and alumni who attended HBCUs and increases student participation in the Fulbright Program. Contact them at fulbright.hbcu@gmail.com.


Fulbright Latinx

Fulbright LatinX is an inclusive community that features Latinx Fulbrighters. https://www.instagram.com/fulbrightlatinx/?hl=en.

Fulbright Lotus

Fulbright Lotus is a diversity initiative that centers on promoting and supporting Asian Fulbrighters. Their mission is to offer guidance and educational support to members of the Asian diaspora. Fulbright Lotus stands in solidarity with fellow Asian Fulbrighters by raising awareness and visibility for issues the community faces. You can contact them at  fulbrightlotus@gmail.com.


Fulbright Noir

Fulbright Noir is a platform and community of black Fulbrighters committed to increasing representation within the Fulbright Program by highlighting the experiences and projects of black grantees. https://www.instagram.com/fulbrightnoir/?hl=en.

Fulbright Prism

Fulbright Prism is an independent, international NGO
empowering LGBTQ Fulbrighters to be #outintheworld. You can contact them at f.p.team@fulbrightprism.org


Fulbright Salam

Fulbright Salam is an independent initiative that shares stories of Muslim Fulbrighters. They seek to open a space that showcases the diversity of cultures, interests, and experiences of Muslim scholars and educators. You can contact them at salamfulbright@gmail.com.