Our institutional members advance their internationalization strategies by partnering with the Fulbright Association.

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The Fulbright Program is critical to your international strategy, as it is to all of American higher education. For outbound students and scholars, it provides life-changing opportunities for teaching and research in 165 countries.  International grantees bring expertise and language skills that strengthen every campus and provide needed financial resources.

We invite you to join the Fulbright Association to secure the future of Fulbright and magnify its impact on your campus and community.

The Association is the unified, grassroots voice for securing funding for the Program from Congress.  Our advocacy work harnesses the power of 100,000 American alumni and of 300 higher education institutions who benefit from continued funding.

Working through our network of chapters and local alumni, institutional members can raise the profile of the Fulbright, driving more successful applications through on-campus programs and community outreach. Through Fulbright in the Classroom, Fulbrighters share their experiences with local school children.  Institutions also partner with local chapters to host Fulbright Forums on key international issues.

Additionally, membership gives you access to one of the world’s most extraordinary talent pools. “Fulbrighters” are world leaders, committed internationalists, and experienced researchers and teachers—ranging from recent college graduates to prominent scholars and professionals. They are rich in academic and demographic diversity, covering all disciplines.

As a member, you can recruit Fulbrighters for your graduate and professional programs, faculty and staff openings, and other opportunities. Postings that specifically encourage Fulbright applicants and offer scholarships reserved for Fulbrighters will attract special attention from alumni and from the 49 Fulbright commissions worldwide that can promote your institution to international grantees. The Association can…

  • Highlight your graduate school programs, scholarship and job opportunities through Fulbright Association social media
  • Provide a unique space for targeted ads on the newly launched Fulbrighter social networking platform, created by the State Department and reserved for Fulbrighters
  • Announce your programs and opportunities in our monthly e-newsletters for individuals (Fulbright Edge) and institutions (Fulbright Networker)
  • List your opportunities in an annual Fulbright Edge special edition on graduate and professional school programs (print and online versions)
  • Include tailored content on the Association’s webpage and online membership listings

Minority-Serving Institutions, HBCUs, & community colleges receive a discount to join our network.  Contact us at info@fulbright.org or call 202-775-0725.

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Institutional Membership Benefits


Support continued funding of the Fulbright Program through our institutional advocacy campaigns at the state and national levels. Represent your institution by receiving free registration for Fulbright “Hill Days.”


Recruit Fulbrighters by highlighting your graduate and professional programs, faculty and staff openings, and other opportunities on Fulbright social media and newsletters.


Gain access to an elite network of over 300 U.S. colleges and universities in the Fulbright Association community, as well as Fulbright scholars and program alumni.


Expand international visibility for your institution’s brand as a member of our network through listings in the Annual Report, Conference and Fulbright Prize Programs.


Receive our monthly institutional member newsletter for important advocacy updates, opportunities for faculty and staff, and trends in international education.


Learn best practices through participation in our annual conference and national events, where Fulbright alumni and supporters of international exchange network and share their expertise.


Build community connections through your local chapter network. Co-sponsor Fulbright forums on global events and partner with alumni to share global understanding with K-through-College students.

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Receive exclusive discounts on Fulbright-branded products, including discounted bulk orders of Fulbright commencement cords and medals.

 Please contact us at info@fulbright.org or call 202-775-0725 for the Minority-Serving Institutions, HBCUs, and community colleges membership form.