2021 marks the 75th anniversary of the Fulbright Program. This virtual exhibition presents work made by past Fulbright recipients and is mounted in connection with the Virtual 44th Annual Conference, Fulbright at 75: Celebrating a Legacy of Global Friendships. All participants contributing to this exhibition are members of the Fulbright Association, the alumni association of the Fulbright Program.

Artwork will be listed with a price if it is available for purchase or NFS (Not for Sale).
In order to purchase an art piece, please email info@fulbright.org with the name of the artist and specific art piece.

Organized and Curated by Joe Vitone

Terry Berkowitz
Caetlynn Booth
Lucy Breslin
Stephan Brigidi
Anna Calluori Holcombe
Amy Cheng
Filiz Cicek
Edwin Cuenco
Adam de Boer
Hilda Demsky
Julie Denesha
Richard Doubleday
Maureen Drdak
Timothy Durant
Sherry Erskine
Anya Farion
Don Fels
Tanya Gill
Maja Godlewska
Janet Goldner
Julia Hechtman
Kong Ho
Janette Hopper
Patricia Hutchinson
Michael Janis
Roopali Kambo
Aparna Keshaviah
John Labadie
Margaret Lanzetta
Eva Lee
Jae Won Lee
Elio Leturia
Carol Lukitsch
Charlotte McDaniel
Hugo Mendieta
Carole Morisseau
Kathryn Myers
Marcia Neblett
David Packer
Eva Polizzi
Jason Reblando
Joseph Reynolds
Christine Rogers
Cynthia Siegel
Sara Swetcharnik
William Swetcharnik
Alan Teller
Aliss Terrell
Joe Vitone
Maureen Warren
Arooj Zahid
Sofika Zielyk