Call for Nominations: Board of Directors

The Fulbright Association is pleased to announce the Call for Nominations to fill upcoming vacancies on the Fulbright Association’s National Board of Directors. Nominations must be received no later than June 1, 2018, to be considered by the Nominations Committee. All potential applicants must be members of the Fulbright Association prior to submitting a board application. Both nominations of other alumni and self-nominations are encouraged, but applicants should be aware that the selection process is competitive.

Board members (except the young adult director’s category) have the following responsibilities:

Director Positions:
1. Directors serve a three-year term starting January 1, 2019.
2. Must be members of the Association.
3. Prior board experience is required.
4. A minimum donation of $1,500 annually is required.
5. Members must attend at least 3 board meetings/retreats annually at their own expense. (Phone conference is offered but attendance in person is required for at least one meeting.)
6. This is an active working board and members must participate in at least one board committee and one task force or working group, and attend at least one local chapter activity annually unless otherwise specified by the executive committee.
7. Members must participate in local or national advocacy, and/or the annual conference.

Young Adult Director Position:
1. This is a two-year term, starting in January 2019.
2. Board members in the young adult category are required to be a current dues paying member in the standard category throughout their two-year term.
3. The donation requirement of $1,500 does not apply to the Young Adult Director category.
4. Prior board experience is required.

A completed application (available here) and a bio or resume are required. Please submit all completed applications and board requirements to the Governance committee chair at