Bring Global Understanding to K-through-College Students

We invite you to share your Fulbright experience with K-through-college students by participating in Fulbright in the Classroom (FIC). By sharing your stories, you introduce students to new places and peoples. You inspire them to learn more and to travel. And you will have fun.

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All Fulbrighters are welcome to participate, especially recently returning students and ETAs, and visiting grantees. By participating in Fulbright in the Classroom, you can bring a personal perspective on the country you visited or share information about your home country. This is a chance for you to share your experience with international cultures and traditions — music, food, lifestyles, religions, histories — with U.S. classrooms.

Please note that you must be a member of the Fulbright Association to participate in FIC.

You may participate as (1) a volunteer, doing outreach locally or digitally to any location; or (2) a chapter, coordinating with chapter leadership.

Fulbright in the Classroom is primarily an education outreach program, but it will also raise the profile of the Fulbright Program. We hope that it will especially benefit communities who are not fully represented in the Program by inspiring future applicants.

Participating is easy, either digitally or in-person, depending on local conditions, school/university policies, and your own comfort level. Please follow all CDC, local, and institutional guidelines.

Get started by reviewing this website and filling out this interest form.


Set a date

Start by determining the local school or college you would like to visit. Make contact with a classroom teacher or professor by sending an introduction email using this template, and set a target date to give a digital or in-person presentation!


Prepare your presentation

Make your content personal and focus on sharing your perspective. Gather photos, items, and anything else that will help you tell your Fulbright story.


Tell Your Story

When you visit the classroom online or in-person, introduce yourself and Fulbright, ask questions, make it interactive, and have fun! Your “visit” to the classroom is your time to share your personal experiences with another culture. Share stories from moments that surprised you, humbled you, and made you fall in love with your country. Click here to find lesson plan outlines and suggestions for activities.


Follow up

Shortly after your visit, send a note to thank your teacher or professor for collaborating. Click here to find a template for your note. Then, please fill out our Fulbright in the Classroom post-event summary to tell us how it went!

FIC Toolkit