75th Anniversary Contributions

Thank you to the Fulbrighters who donated to the Fulbright Association in celebration of the 75th Anniversary of the Fulbright Program. Those who gave towards the 75th Anniversary Campaign are listed below, and we feel honored that so many Fulbrighters chose to recognize and support their Fulbright colleagues, friends, and family in this way.

75th Anniversary Campaign Donors and Honorees

Neil Alter, in honor of Senator Fulbright
Stephanie Arthur, in honor of Dr. Darlene DeMarie for her continued support throughout my academic journey. Truly grateful and honored that you provided so much guidance on my committee.
Sherry Mueller, in honor of Dick Arndt 
Paul Babich
John Bader, in honor of Gretta and Bill Bader (Fulbright to Germany 1953-54)
Gyorgy Baffy, in honor of Dr. Katalin Nagy from Szeged, Hungary, board member of the local Fulbright Commission who encouraged my application for a Fulbright US Scholar award to teach at my alma mater in Debrecen, Hungary
Susan Bandes
Karl Barbir
Wayne Barrett
Mary Bemker
Walter Blue
Barbara Brittingham
Marlene Broemer, in honor of Suzanne Louis
Raoul Camus
Lawrence Chapoy
Erwin Cho, In honor of Ian Mclean
Nadia Christensen
Richard A. Colignon, in honor of Dr. Chikako Usui
Racy Ming Copley
Jeremy Cripps
Ann Criswell
Billie Ann Day, in honor of Joanna Wind, Netherlands Commission
Michael DeLucia, in honor of DeDe Long
John di Domenico, in honor of my late friend and colleague Professor Maria Bentel, FAIA. Professor Bentel was an Architect and Educator. A Fulbright Scholar to Italy, Maria Bentel was a mentor to me and for many years. As a Professor of Architecture at NYIT, she inspired students with her dedication to teaching and passion for Architecture.
Wanda L. Dodson, in Honor of Dr. Dileep S. Sachan, Professor Emeritus, University of Tennessee, Knoxville
Christopher Dolan, in honor Dr. Arben Hajrullahu, my colleague and Fulbright contact at the University of Prishtina (Kosovo)
Charles Elkins
Mary Ellinger, in honor of Sharada Nayak, Program Director of Fulbright-Hayes Program in India in 1990
Kathie Erwin
David Famiglietti
Lisa Fusillo
Marilyn Gaddis
Joseph Ganahl, in celebration of my Fulbright to Germany, 2002-2003
Robert Gervasi
Gary David Gilmore, in honor of the memory of John and Ruth Gilmore
Charles Gliozzo, in honor of my late wife, Marjorie Gliozzo
David Grainger
Carmen Grau
Glenys Hamilton
Beverly Hawk, in honor of my colleagues at the University of Malawi, Chancellor College
Beverly Hawk, in honor of the University of Nairobi
Gary Henschen, in honor of Samuel R. Spencer, Jr.
Nina Heyden
Jonathan Hollander
Maxine Houck, in honor of Pauline and Walter Houck 
Carol Hughes, in appreciation of my two Fulbright Scholarships as a German teacher to the Goethe Institute in Germany in 1971 and 1977 and in appreciation of my daughter Anja’s Fulbright English Teaching Assistantship to Mongolia in 2011. We have been making the world a better place and also teaching others to do so. Thank you!
Nicole Jefferson
Vincent Johnson
Annette Marie Jones, in honor of Kaija-Leena Salovaara and Adriana Palma
Susan Kalman, in honor of Helga Schmetzko, who opened her home to me while I was a Fulbright grantee in West Berlin in 1984. Her commitment to making the world a better place through understanding and involvement created a lasting impression that continues to this day.
Sylvia Kaloustian
Margaret Kandel
Miriam Kastner
Sam Kauffmann
Clarissa Kimber, in honor of my mother Isabelle Marie Cholet Kimber
Harold Kimelberg
Lawrence Klein
Joan Kluwe, celebrating the life of my major professor during my undergraduate work and master’s program, John H. Burde III. In gratitude for his tremendous positive impact on my education and career.
Julia Kunin, in honor of Annamaria Sas, from the Fulbright office in Hungary. Annamaria created an extraordinary experience for our 2013 group.
Hermann Kurthen, in honor of Professor Kay M. Losey, who made my Fulbright experience special
Alana Laudone
Judith Lorber, In memory of Dafna Izraeli, my Fulbright sponsor and host
Jerome Lowenthal
Raymond Marik, in honor of Jane Nelson, my English department head
Christine Matheu, in honor of Professor William B. Cohen
David Maxwell
Bill McComas
Anisa Mehdi, in honor of Alain McNamara
Peter Meserve
Anna Miller
Reginald Mitchell
Alicia O. Montague
Martin Muendel, in grateful memory of Dr. Frank Lobo (Fulbright Germany 1986-87)
H. Andrea Neves
Frances Novack
Wiriya Nyang, in memory of Sulayman Sheih Nyang
Andrea Olsen
Richard Ortega
Jack Osman
Robin Panneton, with gratitude to Dr. Linda Polka at McGill University and the Centre for Research in Brain, Language and Music
Mia Pohlman, in honor of Dr. Maria Di Stefano
Ralf Remshardt
J. Keith Roberts
Maiedell Rose
Marga Rose Hancock, in honor of Senator Fulbright, whom my late husband and I met during our Fulbright year/honeymoon in Tokyo
John Rouman
Kenneth Rudolf
David Sandino: I am grateful for all who made this 75th anniversary possible and the important work that was done for the international community during that time. This is a noteworthy accomplishment.
Janche Sang
Christine Saudek, in honor of Ronald McKelvey, who died on Sept. 1, 2021
Patricia Scalzi, in memory of Francis V Scalzi
Joanne Schmidt, in honor of Marie E. Schmidt
John Sherwood, in gratitude for those who advocate for the Fulbright Program
Fran Siegel
Henry Sirgo: I treasure my 2007-2008 Fulbright Senior Lectureship in the Department of Political Science of Yonsei University and my participation in the 60 Years of Fulbright in Korea reception at the Korean Embassy. 
Thomas Sponsler
Gil Stein: The Fulbright Program changed my life (as a Fulbrighter in Turkey in the 1980’s) and is now changing the life of my daughter (a current Fulbrighter in Spain) while building international understanding. It reflects the best in American values.
Carol Sterling, in honor of John Bader and the entire Fulbright staff, board, and volunteers
Kathryn Thomas, in honor of Dr. Josef Mestenhauser
Ronald Tobin
Maria Vallone, in honor of John Treccero
Etta Ward
Donna Wiss: in gratitude for Fulbrighters Leslie Mamoorian and Richard Johnson (Freiburg 1973-74), who were my inspiration and supporters, and without whom I would have never had the confidence to pursue my Fulbright
Gernot Wolfgang, in honor of Bob Freedman, who taught the course “Scoring for Woodwind Instruments” at Berklee College of Music in Boston, Massachusetts
Maria Bentel, Fulbright-Hays Scholarship, Italy 1952-1953