The Fulbright Association’s 45th Annual Conference in Bethesda, Maryland will be the first face-to-face meeting in a number of years due to COVID-mandated social distancing. With this in mind, the theme of Reunion was chosen for our conference as well as for this show. In keeping with the theme, while last year’s exhibition showcased work by Fulbright alumni who had conducted their Fulbright experiences in some creative field, this year, in celebration of our finally getting back together in person, we invited all of our alumni regardless of discipline who had some quality creative piece to submit for inclusion in the online show.

Some of the pieces clearly evidence Reunion, such as a painting of old friends gathered for coffee, while other submissions played fast and loose with the exhibition theme. In either case, we think you will appreciate the engaging variety of painting, printmaking, filmmaking/video, photography, and other media presented in the virtual show.

Artwork is listed with a price if it is available for purchase or NFS (Not for Sale). In order to purchase an art piece, or if the artist has provided no sales information, please email the Fulbright Association at with the name of the artist and specific art piece of interest.

Exhibition organized and curated by Joe Vitone, Department of Visual Studies, St. Edward’s University, Austin, Texas. Member, Board of Directors, Austin Chapter of the Fulbright Association

Hugo Xavier Bastidas
Janika Berridge
Lucy Breslin
Filiz Cicek
Rita Csapó-Sweet
Edwin Cuenco
Simon Dinnerstein
Richard Doubleday
Allie Du
Richard Elaver
Sherry Erskine
Joan Fabian
Mari Gardner
Amy Gilley
Adrineh Gregorian
Julia Hechtman
Millicent Hodson
Janette Hopper
June Julian
Lon Kaufmann
John Antoine Labadie
Elio Leturia
Charlotte McDaniel
Hugo Mendieta
Marcia Neblett
Timothy Nohe
Richard Shuster
Cynthia Siegel
Paul Sprieregen
Joe Vitone