Countdown to the opening of the 46th Annual Conference!

A new kind of conference for Fulbrighters

For nearly 50 years, Fulbrighters have gathered at the Association’s conference to share ideas, findings, and adventures. This year, we are enriching this tradition with a special emphasis on leadership and finding solutions to global problems.

Why? As Fulbrighters on a continued mission, we have a responsibility for a better world—our theme for the 46th Conference. This conference aims to contribute to the global effort to improve Climate Change & the Environment, Social Justice & Prejudice, Health & Education, and Food & Water Insecurity, and ultimately to make the world a better place.

Join us to share solutions to difficult problems, engage in critical dialogue, build collaborations, learn about challenges, and leave empowered and hopeful.

We look forward to seeing you in Denver!

MAY 31 - JUL 15

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46th Annual Conference!

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Climate Change & the Environment

We ask presenters in this focus area to share knowledge, best practices, and strategies for mitigating and adapting to the effects of climate change and the environment. Proposals can discuss any or all aspects of climate change and the environment, from local to global perspectives.

Key topics of discussion in this focus area could include:

  • The ethical and social components of climate change, such as the responsibilities of individuals, governments, and corporations in addressing the crisis, and the need to engage with and empower communities that are most affected by its effects.
  • Strategies for communication and public engagement, in order to raise awareness about the urgency of the climate crisis and to mobilize action at the local, national, and international levels.
  • The role of technology and innovation in addressing climate change and environmental issues.
  • The impact of climate change and environmental degradation on vulnerable populations, including indigenous communities, women, and children.
  • Strategies for enhancing resilience and adaptation to the impacts of climate change.
  • Climate change and environmental justice: equity, inclusion, and human rights.
  • Best practices for reducing greenhouse gas emissions, increasing the use of renewable energy sources, and promoting sustainable land-use practices.

Health & Education

The interconnectedness of health and education is well-established. When individuals are healthy, they are better able to learn and when they are well-educated, they are better equipped to maintain good health. Yet, globally, many people still lack access to quality health care and education. How can we help bridge the gap in health and education disparities and improve the well-being of individuals and communities worldwide?

Key topics of discussion in this focus area could include:

  • Challenges and opportunities for improving access to quality health care, regardless of socioeconomic status or geographic location.
  • Pathways to increase access to quality education, including marginalized populations such as girls, refugees, and those living in conflict-affected areas.
  • Innovative approaches to healthcare delivery, including telemedicine, community-based healthcare, and integrated healthcare systems.
  • The intersectionality of health and education and the ways in which improvements in one area can positively impact the other.
  • The role of education in promoting health and wellness.
  • Best practices for improving educational outcomes in developing countries.
  • The impact of technology on health and education in the developing world.

Social Justice & Prejudice

To create a more just and equal world, it is essential that we confront and dismantle the social and cultural barriers that perpetuate poverty, inequality, and marginalization in different parts of the world. Social justice refers to the fair distribution of resources and opportunities in society, whereas prejudice refers to preconceived notions and biases that people hold about individuals or groups based on their identity, such as race, ethnicity, gender, sexuality, or religion.

Through education, advocacy, and collective action, we can work towards breaking down barriers and building a more just and equitable world for all.

Key topics of discussion in this focus area could include:

  • Addressing systemic barriers that prevent marginalized groups from fully participating in society, such as unequal access to education, employment, and healthcare.
  • Exploring how to promote diversity, equity, and inclusion, and challenge harmful stereotypes and prejudices that hinder progress towards a more just and equal world.
  • Raising awareness of the ways in which prejudice and discrimination manifest in different contexts around the world, including racism, sexism, homophobia, antisemitism, and ableism; identifying effective strategies for countering these harmful attitudes and behaviors.
  • Examining unconscious bias, hate speech, and stereotypes, and explore ways to promote understanding and empathy between different cultural and ethnic groups.
  • Advocating for policies and practices that protect the rights of marginalized groups, such as refugees, immigrants, and religious minorities.
  • Bringing awareness to human rights abuses in different parts of the world and developing strategies for addressing these abuses through international cooperation and diplomacy.
  • Assessing how social justice and prejudice intersect with other forms of oppression, including gender, sexuality, and disability.
  • Emerging issues in social justice and prejudice, including the impact of technology on discrimination and the rise of populism and xenophobia.

Food & Water Insecurity

Food and water insecurity continues to be a major issue affecting millions of people globally. Presenters may share their insights and experiences on various topics related to food and water insecurity.

Key topics of discussion in this focus area could include:

  • Understanding the causes and impacts of food and water insecurity.
  • The intersection of food and water security with climate change, health, and economic development.
  • The role of policy and governance in promoting food and water security.
  • Agricultural practices and sustainable food production.
  • Food waste reduction and recovery, and access to safe water.
  • Gender, nutrition, and health disparities.
  • Humanitarian aid and emergency response.
  • Indigenous and traditional knowledge and practices for food & water security.

Julieanna L. Richardson

Opening Keynote Speaker

Julieanna L. Richardson has a diverse background in theatre, television production, and the cable television industry that created a unique path to founding the largest effort to record the African American experience since the WPA Slave Narratives of the 1930s. Founded in 2000, The HistoryMakers is a national, 501(c)(3) non-profit educational institution headquartered in Chicago committed to preserving, developing and providing easy access to an internationally recognized, archival collection of thousands of African American video oral histories.

A 1980 graduate of Harvard Law School, Richardson graduated from Brandeis University with a double-major in Theatre Arts and American Studies, where she did extensive oral history interviews on the Harlem Renaissance and Langston Hughes. She worked as a corporate lawyer at the Chicago law firm of Jenner & Block prior to serving in the early 1980s as the Cable Administrator for the City of Chicago Office of Cable Communications.

Richardson currently sits on the Honors Council of Lawyers for the Creative Arts; Simmons University Dean’s Advisory Council of the Gwen Ifill College of Media, Arts, and Humanities, and James Madison University’s Flowerings Advisory Council. She has been awarded Honorary Doctorates from Howard University (2012), Dominican University (2014) and Brandeis University (2016). She has also served as the commencement speaker for Dominican University as well as Brandeis University 65th commencement.  In 2014, Black Enterprise magazine awarded Richardson its 2014 Legacy Award, its highest recognition of women’s achievement. That same year, Richardson was profiled in American Masters: The Boomer List, a PBS documentary and exhibition at the Newseum in Washington, D.C. She is a 2021 recipient of the Chicago History Museum’s John Hope Franklin Making History Award, which celebrates prominent Chicagoans who have made the city a better place to live. Published in July 2022, her TedTalk “The Mission to Safeguard Black History in the U.S.” is viewable on YouTube.

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The U.S. Department of State’s Bureau of Educational and Cultural Affairs (ECA) works to build friendly, peaceful relations between the people of the United States and the people of other countries through academic, cultural, sports, and professional exchanges, as well as public -private partnerships.


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The company’s commitment to raising industry standards and leaving a positive imprint on our employees, consumers, communities, and the environment is reflected in Our Imprint and our 2025 sustainability targets.

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Rice Global provides strategic direction to Rice University on its global strategy and operations, furthers international research priorities and alliances, and contributes to a better world. Rice has developed a select number of international academic partnerships in Europe, Asia, Africa, and the Americas that advance the frontiers of knowledge in key research areas. The new Rice Global Paris Center, located in Le Marais, acts as the hub of Rice in Europe.


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At United, we’re all about connecting people, uniting the world and serving our communities nonstop. Learn how we’re taking an active role in our global citizenship and how you can too.

Every Action Counts is our pledge to put our people and our planes to work for the greater good. From leading employee volunteer events to helping with relief efforts around the world, we’re there for the communities where we live, work and fly. Together, we can protect the environment, promote inclusion, give aid to communities in need and inspire the leaders of tomorrow.


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Have an idea to help solve a world problem? Or know students who do? Learn about Wege Prize: an international, team-based interdisciplinary design competition for college students based on the circular economy. Apply with a “wicked problem”, propose a circular solution, receive feedback from experts, and compete for the chance at a $65k cash prize pool.


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The Fulbright College of Arts and Sciences enriches lives by promoting discovery, diversity, and inclusion, facilitating transformational experiences, and fostering peace through education.


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Yale University’s Jackson School of Global Affairs a professional school focused on training a new generation of leaders to tackle the world’s most daunting challenges by crafting thoughtful, evidence-based policy solutions. The school prepares Yale students for global leadership and service through its master’s program in public policy in global affairs, master of advanced study in global affairs, and undergraduate major in global affairs.