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Update: Travel Programs remain suspended due to the resurgence of COVID-19

“Senator Fulbright envisioned an educational and cultural exchange program that would connect people and encourage them to learn about each others’ cultures and values – that vision became the Fulbright Program.”

Our Trips

Fulbright alumni and Friends of Fulbright are no ordinary travelers: they are global citizens who are interested in deep interaction with the world. The Fulbright Association offers several different types of travel trips to appeal to varied interests. No matter where you travel with us, you’ll always enjoy cultural insights, stimulating conversations within your group, and a meaningful international experience. A trip with the Fulbright Association is no ordinary tourist trip. With each journey, our itinerary revolves around the ideals of building lifelong connections and cultural understanding to reflect the founding vision of Fulbright. Our trips are uniquely designed for Fulbright alumni and Friends of Fulbright who seek a deeper travel experience and to discover foreign countries in a more meaningful way. You will have the opportunity to meet people from many walks of life and learn about the places you visit and the culture you witness. When you embark on an Fulbright Trip, you are committing to our shared goal of international education and exchange.

The Fulbright Association offers two types of trips: Insight Trips and Service Trips. Insight Trips focus heavily on learning, while Service Trips are built around volunteering. All trips are guided under the principle of exchange and experiencing a country on a deeper level. Visit the links above to view full itineraries and information about our upcoming trips!

Our travel programs are open to all Fulbright Association members, and members can typically bring one guest on the trip. If you are not yet a member, you can learn about how to join the Fulbright Association here.

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Insight Trip to Slovenia (Coming 2022)

Known as ‘Europe in Miniature’, tiny Slovenia is the only country in the world with the name love in it: sLOVEnia. That’s exactly the emotion you will feel when visiting the green paradise with a huge heart and a wealth of diversity.
Explore the magnificent Julian Alps proudly rising to the sky with fellow Fulbright alumni, as well as the radiating coastline oozes Mediterranean charm in the South-West, thermal healing waters pouring from the natural springs in the East and charming baroque city of Ljubljana as the centrally located capital. Add the top-class wine cellars in the Tuscany-style Goriška Brda and the World’s oldest vine-tree in Maribor, combining it with a superb gastronomy with Mediterranean, Alpine and Panonian influence – can you think of anything better?

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More Upcoming Trips

The Fulbright Association has big plans to send Fulbrighters and Friends across the globe to learn, connect, and build lasting bridges over the next year. Here are some of our trips that will open for registration soon!

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