Whether buying a memento from your time as a Fulbrighter, a birthday or holiday gift, or you just are on the market to support a great organization, you are in the right spot! These items are available as supplies last.

Fulbright T-Shirt: Navy

Navy T-shirt with Fulbright logo. Please contact us for size availability.

Price: $18



Fulbright T-Shirt: Gray

Gray T-shirt with Fulbright logo. Please contact us for size availability.

Price: $18


Red Polo Shirt

Red polo shirt with Fulbright logo. Available in size L and XL.

Price: $15

Fulbright Pin

Small gold-colored pin with the Fulbright logo.

Price: $12

Fulbright Clan Plaid Scarf

These beautiful scarves were especially ordered from a traditional Scottish wool company in the Fulbright Clan Plaid, an official registered design owned by the British Fulbright Commission which was shared with the Fulbright Association in recognition of the 35th Annual Conference held in London.

They are gender-neutral scarves perfect for all in the winter!

Price: $49

Fulbright Globe Key chain

Keep the world in your pocket or purse! This key chain is a perfect reminder that Fulbright is about connecting the world and embracing global-mindedness. This key chain features the globe on one side, with the Fulbright logo on the other.

Front: Fulbright logo

Price: $12

Fulbright Mug

These Fulbright mugs are charcoal with a blue interior and come with a matching teaspoon, which fits in the handle.

Front: Fulbright logo

Price: $12

Fulbright Hat

Show the world that you are Team Fulbright! These navy baseball hats have the Fulbright Logo on the front.

Price: $15

Fulbright Association Notebook

No Fulbrighter should be without a notebook to take notes in a pinch! These mini-notebooks are a travel-friendly size of 5″ by 7″, and include an elastic strap to keep the notebook closed and a ribbon to keep your page.

Price: $10

Fulbright Association Travel Mug

If you are the type of person who won’t leave home without a hot beverage, this travel mug is the perfect way to show off both your support for the Fulbright Association, and your coffee! Rim, lid, and logo are light blue.

Price: $12

Fulbright Association Water Bottle

Stay hydrated with a Fulbright Water Bottle! The Fulbright logo is on one side, and fulbright.org website URL is on the opposite side.

Price: $10

Fulbright: The Man, The Mission, & The Message DVD

Watch the story of Fulbright in this 60-minute DVD.

“America, in the middle of the Twentieth Century, was a country searching for a domestic and international identity. The end of World War II, followed by the Cold War, Korean, and Vietnam Wars; the American debate over civil rights; and, a global, economic sea change that laid a foundation for new alliances in Europe and Asia, were among the major events that shaped policies and program, many of which continue to influence the lives of Americans today. Standing tall in the midst of these changes was Senator J. William Fulbright, a man whose political and intellectual influence helped define the United Nations, establish the Fulbright Program, and shape United States foreign policy.”

Price: $12

Fulbright Holiday Ornament

Featured item!

This glimmering snowflake ornament is perfect to decorate trees with the Fulbright spirit. It makes a great Christmas gift for Fulbrighters and friends.

Price: $12

Fulbright Association Tote Bags

Being both lightweight and durable, these tote bags make perfect reusable shopping bags! Design includes navy trim, and opens and closes with a zipper at the top.

Front: Fulbright Association logo
Back: 70 Years of Fulbright logo (1946-2016)

Price: $10

Fulbright Tie

Share your Fulbright pride and support with a stylish Fulbright necktie, featuring the signature of Senator J. William Fulbright! This is the perfect accessory for your next conference, class, or meeting. These ties are created using a high-quality, custom-milled recycled poly twill fabric, designed to have a silk-like feel.

Price: $48