Dr. Panarat Rohleder

1946 Society Member Spotlight, May 2023

 How did you become involved with the Fulbright Association?

I am interested in education which includes international education. I found that the Fulbright Association’s mission and its concepts are related to my interest. I also have noticed that the Fulbright Program has had a well-regarded reputation across the world for a long time. I thought that it would be my great opportunity to learn, network and interact with others who have common interests via activities that are provided. So, I became a member of the Fulbright Association and have the intention to learn and participate in its activities. Currently, I serve as a board member for the National Capital Area.


Why do you enjoy being a member of the Fulbright alumni community?

I enjoy being a member of the Fulbright alumni community because I enjoy learning and participating in activities within the Fulbright community. I enjoy an international experience from Fulbright alumni and other members. I have enjoyed interaction and networking with others who have common interests in education, culture, and languages. I feel that the Fulbright alumni community is warm, nice, friendly, welcoming, and well-educated. In addition, I experience that the community appreciates the differentiation among people that includes educational background, cultures, and languages. I feel that this suits my values and makes me feel comfortable. I enjoy being around others within the community.


What is your hope for the future of the Fulbright Program and international understanding?

My hope for the future of the Fulbright Program and international understanding would be continuing great work and finding more ways to be creative in terms of achieving organizational goals. As we know, time changes and things change, thus for an organization to continue being successful, it is necessary for an organization to make changes to itself to align with current and future environments. As the rapid growth of technology impacts our lives, I hope to see how we will leverage technology to advance the Fulbright Program and international understanding. I believe that the use of technology will help to increase the impact of the Fulbright Program and international understanding. It is how we can better increase creativity by using technology as a tool to reach the Fulbright Association’s goals. This may impact many things we do such as the quality of projects of future Fulbright candidates.


Why did you join the 1946 Society?

I think that the 1946 society has good ways to support the Fulbright Association as we have a clear goal regarding our contribution. I also think that via the 1946 Society, we are able to contribute our meaningful thoughts, ideas, and perspective to the organization for its consideration for the future. In addition, I like that we have an opportunity to network with others who have common goals in contributing to the Fulbright community. Through regular meetings, this group will help shape the organization via thought leadership, etc. I personally think that it is the way to brainstorm from people who have good resources and are willing to help and support the Fulbright Association to be successful. I myself have an intention to support this organization for the long run as it suits my values and my life goals of helping others. Thus, I chose to join the 1946 Society.


What are your interests outside of the Association?

My interests outside of the association include teaching MBA students and educational nonprofit organizations. This is because both are related to my background in terms of education and it also supports my life goals of helping people. I think education is very important and I believe that education is the best tool for people to develop themselves and achieve goals in their lives. I also think that education is a great tool that can help us solve all problems in our world.

I founded an international educational nonprofit organization to support students to achieve their educational goals. I hope that this organization will impact people’s lives, community, society, and the world. It is another contribution in our world where we all contribute to the development of people. I also teach MBA students. I am so glad that I have a chance to do what I love. I always want to continue my learning as I want to continue to improve my performance. Thus, as my performance increases, my quality of contributing via teaching and educational nonprofit organization will be increased. Being here at Fulbright Association is my journey of learning and I have enjoyed it very much. It is a great organization that contains knowledgeable, well-educated people.