Celebrating the Fourth of July in Malawi

Celebrating the Fourth of July in Malawi

The mission of Fulbright is to build international bridges between the United States of America and the rest of the world through education, service, and people-to-people connections. The Fourth of July is a great time to reflect upon and celebrate these values – which participants of our newly launched 2018 Service Corps Trip to Malawi had the opportunity to demonstrate!

While the trip officially began today, many participants embarked on the long journey to southeastern Africa early in order to arrive in Lilongwe City just in time to celebrate the Fourth of July at the United States Embassy in Malawi. At the embassy, they had the pleasure of meeting Ambassador Virginia Palmer, the embassy’s Deputy Chief of Mission Andrew Herrup, and fellow Fulbrighter and Public Affairs Officer, Edward Monster. What an exciting way to celebrate international friendship, and the perfect opening ceremony to what is sure to be a meaningful service trip!

The group will return tomorrow afternoon to the embassy for a formal USAID briefing, before departing for Zomba City. In addition to connecting to local schools, clinics, and other community centers, participants will contribute to a water quality monitoring project and help plant fruit trees with the Forest Research Institute of Malawi. After a full itinerary of volunteering, meeting new people, exploring the beautiful landscape of Malawi, and learning more about current USAID projects, the trip will come to a conclusion on July 15th.

This is the Fulbright Association’s second official Service Corps Trip to Malawi, following a successful program of cultural exchange and volunteer projects in 2017. Click here to learn more about the Fulbright Association’s travel programs and other service project opportunities.

—Alison Aadland




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