Fulbright: Now More Than Ever – Winning Logo Design

Fulbright: Now More Than Ever – Winning Logo Design

The Fulbright Association is excited to share the winning design from our “Fulbright: Now More Than Ever” logo competition. We offer our congratulations to Grant Thomas, who designed the logo, and thank everyone in our community who submitted logo designs for their contributions and creativity!

Thomas is a designer from Baltimore. He currently lives in Indianapolis with his wife Elizabeth and works at an IT consultancy. His sister, Christy Thomas, received a Fulbright Fellowship in 2013-2014 to conduct musicological research on the Italian opera industry’s responses to the emergence of silent film. Describing the concept behind his design, Thomas shares: “The mark came from a synthesis of the current Fulbright Association logo and the tagline ‘Now More Than Ever.’ It creates a tension between two halves of a globe, representing the relational synergy that comes from the international exchange experience.”

The divided globe in Thomas’s design stood out to the Association: it reflects both a fractured world and the power of international exchange to cross boundaries and promote unity and understanding. As we come together at our 40th anniversary conference to celebrate the importance of the Fulbright Program — now, more than ever — and advocate for its future, this design captures the urgency of our organization’s mission.

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