The Fulbright Association is pleased to offer the launch of a new webinar series for our membership, the Fulbright Forum. Focused on international issues, the Fulbright Forum will feature extraordinary speakers from around the world.

These forums are possible only with your help.  We welcome suggestions for topics and speakers. Chapters are invited to organize a Forum, shared nationally. We also invite members to sponsor a special track or webinar of interest and appreciate any referrals to potential sponsors or interested donors. Contact us at to get involved.

The Fulbright Forum is a free to all current members.

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Upcoming Forum Events

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Past Forums

02/23/21 – Fulbright Forum - Centering Our Voices: Perspectives on Race, Equity, and Access in Fulbright
03/04/21 – Great Decisions Fulbright Forum: The Future of Globalization with Dr. Anne Krueger
03/16/21 – Fulbright Forum - Selma Jeanne Cohen and the Cultivation of American Dance Scholarship
04/07/21 – Fulbright Forum - Geopolitical Model for the Next Decade
04/21/21 – Fulbright Forum: Fulbright Programs as a Catalyst for Internationalization: An HSI Perspective.
04/22/21 – Fulbright Forum - Global Sea Level Rise And Our Changing Coastal Future
05/04/21 – Fulbright Forum - Iceland: History. Culture. Environment.
05/11/21 – Fulbright Forum- Fighting Human Trafficking
05/27/21 – Fulbright Forum - Music - The Soundtrack of Our Lives
06/16/21 – Fulbright Forum - How Queer! The Importance of Community-Building and Chosen Families
08/03/21 – Fulbright Forum - Celebrating 75 Years: History and impact of the Fulbright Program
11/02/21 – Fulbright Forum - Looking Back, Going Forward: Dementia Care, COVID-19, and India
11/04/21 – Critical Conversations with Scholar at Risk Naila Al Atrash
03/15/22 – Fulbright Forum - The Primacy of Primary Materials
05/05/22 – Fulbright Forum - Combatting Human Trafficking: What's New, What You Can Do!
06/13/22 – BEING BEBE: Cross-Cultural Exchange & the Advancement of LGBTQI+ Human Rights
10/27/22 – Fulbright Forum - The ONE Campaign & Fulbright Association
11/03/22 – Fulbright Forum: Australia’s Fulbright Leadership Development Program: Supporting Alumni to Generate Systems Change
04/04/23 – Ukraine, China and the Second Cold War: Active Non-Alignment in Our Time
04/13/23 – Cuba in Crisis: Perspectives for the United States' Best Enemy