Salute to David Levin

The Fulbright Association greets the news of David Levin’s retirement from the State Department and the Bureau of Educational and Cultural Affairs (ECA) after more than 40 years of exceptional service with mixed emotions. We are happy for him at this moment of celebration for his decades of service to our country and the world, including his tenacious and outward-facing work to make the Fulbright Program more inclusive and diverse. David worked closely with HBCUs and other MSIs across the country, for example, to raise the Program’s profile and help it be more fully representative of us all. He deserves the recognition and hearty congratulations of a noble and successful tenure.

But we are also sad to lose such a friend and champion, though we know he will continue to lend his wisdom to us and root for our continuing successes. David served as the Association’s liaison to the State Department for decades, making sure our chapters across the country had the finances, support, and best practices to thrive as they are. If you wonder where resources come from to help chapters deliver great programs nationwide for so many years, the answer is ECA, with David serving as shepherd/advisor. He made sure these funds were used strategically, to grow and engage our community, and ensured they were used prudently, as a good public servant should. He was always there to help the Association succeed, and to support me, my predecessors, and the FA team, especially my colleagues, like Christine Oswald, who work with chapters.

John Bader (left) & David Levin (right) at Levin’s retirement party after 40+ years of service at the State Department

On a personal note, allow me to note that David is among the last folks at the State Department to work directly with my late father, former Assistant Secretary William Bader. Dad and David had great travel adventures together, including a memorable trip to the University of Wisconsin, and a lasting friendship built on mutual respect and a deep, lifetime devotion to the Fulbright Program and legacy.

We will miss David as a great colleague and booster, but we look forward to staying in touch—and staying on mission—with him for years to come. Congratulations, David, and many thanks!

John Bader
Executive Director
Fulbright Association

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