Call for Proposals

Fulbrighters, alumni, and friends of Fulbright are invited to submit conference session proposals for this year’s “Reunion” to be held October 6-9, 2022 in Bethesda, Maryland. Our annual conference strives to build and capture the diversity of our community by promoting intelligent and informed conversations. Proposals on topics that promote good dialogue and interaction are encouraged. We want you to share your – 

  • Research
  • Ideas
  • Social Entrepreneurship
  • Travel Experiences
  • Films/Videos
  • Policy Debates
  • Demonstrations/Performances
  • Artwork

Share what you love, what you find interesting, what inspires you, and what you’re proud to be part of.  Most of all, have fun!

We have kept most of our standard session formats and have invited new ways to share your content. 

Session Formats:

  • General Session: 60 Minute Presentation and Discussion
  • Roundtables: 20 Minute Discussion
  • Poster Presentations: 60 Minute Presentation and Discussion
  • Fulbright Talk: 10 Minute “Moth Style” Stories
  • Selma Jeanne Cohen Lecture Award: 60 Minutes
  • Virtual Art Exhibit

All proposals must be submitted by 11:59 PDT on July 1, 2022, with the exception of the Art Exhibit which is due by July 15. Submissions will be peer reviewed by members of the Fulbright Association. Each proposal will be evaluated based on its thoroughness, clarity, and adherence to session guidelines. Research design, innovation, interactivity, and creativity will also be considered.  

Please review the guidelines below. Questions should be directed to or may be answered by going to our Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) below.

Selma Jeanne Cohen Lecture Award (60 Minutes) - Deadline: July 15, 2022

The Selma Jeanne Cohen Fund for International Scholarship on Dance provides a dance researcher or practitioner the opportunity to present a major paper or interdisciplinary presentation, based on research or a body of accomplished work, at the Fulbright Association’s annual conference.

Proposals are due by July 15, 2022

Duration: 60 minutes

  • The competition is open to all dance researchers or practitioners in any field of dance.
  • Applicants may be residents of any country.
  • Lectures could be based on previously unpublished or published research, or on a body of accomplished work, though ideally this research or work would not have been presented at other conferences.
  • Selection will be based on the quality of your narrative, originality, the impact of your research/work on other disciplines and international perspectives, interaction with audience during demonstration, appeal to a wider audience, and references.
  • The Selma Jeanne Cohen Fund provides an honorarium, round-trip travel, and per diem to the selected dance scholar.
  • The awardee must be able to attend the Fulbright Association’s annual conference (October 6-9, 2022) and give his or her presentation on the date requested by the Association. The recipient will be expected to have his or her own health, travel, and other necessary insurance and documents in order.
Click here to review the full call for applications for the Selma Jeanne Cohen Lecture Award

Virtual Art Exhibit - Deadline: July 15, 2022

“Kazimir Malevich 2!” – design inspired by the artwork of Ukrainian born artist Kazimir Malevich – 2019-2020 – Chicken eggs, wax resistance batik technique – NFS

Last year’s exhibition showcased work by Fulbright alumni who had conducted their Fulbright experiences in some creative field. This year, in celebration of our finally getting back together face to face, we invite all of our alumni who have some quality creative pieces to submit for inclusion in our online exhibition. So if you have work involving painting, printmaking, filmmaking/video, photography, sculpture, ceramics, pottery, fabric art, installation, performance, installation, etc. please consider submitting work; but if you are a creative person and have something that speaks to the theme of REUNION, please consider sharing it. We’d like to include all submissions that hold to the theme and bring value to the show.

All submission materials as detailed in these guidelines must be received by July 15, 2022.

So God and Adam touching fingertips in Michelangelo’s Sistine Chapel would definitely make the grade. Come to think of it, that wonderful image of your relative reunited after a military deployment would be most welcome. The painting you made from a photograph of your annual family reunion in Kansas would be amazing to see. Your daughter or granddaughter running into your arms after you’ve not seen one another for some time would fit as well. The video of that performance piece about displaced peoples reunited at a refugee camp or a dance or musical composition/performance based on this theme would richen the show immensely. So please consider giving some thought to what you might bring to help make a stellar and thought-provoking show. Interpret broadly the idea of REUNION.

As with last year, in addition to our virtual gallery, we anticipate producing a digital slide show for use during breaks in conference activities. Additionally, you should be a member in good standing of the Fulbright Association. If by chance your membership has lapsed, you can renew it by visiting You don’t need to be in attendance at the conference but we would love to see you there.

Please submit materials following the below guidelines.

Art Exhibit Submission Sample

When possible, we encourage you to make your work available for sale in the Fulbright Store. We will create a special category for the exhibition. Being available for purchase is not a requirement to exhibit.

Please see below for necessary submission criteria. The technical specifications are important and well considered. That said, if your work would not be well represented for some reason when following these submission guidelines, please send me an email at to see if we can make it happen. If you have no idea what these guidelines mean, it would be good to enlist the help of one of your friends, colleagues, etc. to give you a hand. I realize they are a bit technical but these guidelines are to make possible high quality images paired with needed information.

• If you send multiple images, etc. – please limit your submission to no more than five pieces – please include all materials (e.g., jpegs, PDF) in a single zipped (compressed) folder as an email attachment. Please email this compressed folder to info@joevitone.comTitle the folder with your last name followed by a dash followed by “2022-artshow”. For example, I’m Joe Vitone, so my zipped folder would be titled “vitone-2022-artshow”. Subject line of the email should read Fulbright 2022 Reunion Art Show. If you don’t use this subject line, assume your email will not be seen. If you are a video/film artist, please send PDF with information requested below, being sure to include Vimeo/YouTube link(s), etc. in the PDF.

Still images (e.g., photographs of paintings, sculpture, installation shots, etc.)

Images should be of good quality and not snapshots of the work. We reserve the right to not include poor quality reproductions. Please be sure to follow naming conventions.

• File format: JPEG, Quality 80 (High)

• Color Profile: sRGB

• Image Sizing & Resolution: 1500 pixels at long dimension @ 72 pixels per inch

• Naming convention: prefix all file names with artist’s last name followed by dash, followed by sequence number including initial “0” of how you would like the work sequenced in presentation. Example: vitone-01, vitone-02, etc.

• Send up to 5 images. Detail shots are included in this total.

• PDF with thumbnail images of all work sequenced as desired for presentation:

PDF should includeThumbnail images of the work in a column at left of page, TitleDate of Production, Medium(a), Caption if applicable (e.g., info on place, project, etc.)

            PDF should includeSale price of each piece if you want to offer the work for sale. The Fulbright Association would receive 50% of the sale price so price accordingly. Artists are responsible for shipping and handling of work sold. Please include a separate shipping cost in this information to separate this from seller’s commission. Again, offering the work for sale is wholly optional.

PDF can includeArtist Statement about the work (and a bit about you, the artist, if you like). Please include this information after the thumbnails, titles, etc. if you include it at all.

            PDF should include:  URL of your website if you are an artist with such a thing (no worries if you have no site!)

PDF should includeContact information including your name and email at the head of this document. (Not for publication but so those working on the site can get in touch with you.)


Video or other interactive

• Provide JPEG Thumbnail image as per above specifications

• Provide URL to link to where your video resides. No actual video files should be sent.

• PDF with thumbnail images of all videos sequenced as desired for presentation (if showcasing more than one video):

PDF should includeThumbnail image of the video, TitleDate of Production, Further information if applicable (e.g., info on place, project, etc.)

PDF can includeArtist Statement about the work (and a bit about you, the artist, if you like). Please include this information after the thumbnails, titles, etc. if you include it at all.

            PDF should include:  URL of your website if you are an artist with such a thing (no worries if you have no site!)

PDF should include:  Contact information including your name and email at the head of this document. (Not for publication but so those working on the site can get in touch with you.)

• If you have some way of monetizing your film/video, please let us know so we can make it available for sale. We are unable to manage blockchain assets such as FTC for this exhibition.

By submitting work to show in this online platform, the submitter acknowledges and guarantees that s/he has full rights and permissions for use and reproduction of artworks provided and that there exist no restrictions on reproduction of images of any person, place, or event depicted. The Fulbright Association and its affiliates assume no liability connected with works reproduced.

The volunteer organizer of this show is Joe Vitone of St. Edward’s University in Austin, Texas. I sit on the board of directors of the Austin Chapter of the Fulbright Association. I have been a Fulbright Scholar (Photography, Costa Rica, 2001) and a Fulbright Specialist (Italy, 2019). If you want to know more about your show organizer you can visit

General Guidelines

We welcome proposals from current grantees, alumni (U.S. or non-U.S.) and anyone who supports the ideals of the Fulbright program. You do not have to be a member of the Fulbright Association, but all presenters must register for the Conference, and members will receive a discount.

Presentations of original research must meet professional and/or academic standards with additional consideration given to on-going projects that resulted from a Fulbright grant or other international exchange opportunity.

Presenters may submit a proposal for each format. Please note that if we cannot accommodate your preferred format, as space is limited, we will ask if you would be willing to combine your session or present in another format.

Proposals are due by 11:59 PDT on July 1, 2022

General Sessions (60 Minutes)

General Sessions are traditional concurrent sessions that last for 60 minutes and are scheduled on Friday and Saturday of the Annual Conference. They are designed to be interactive conversations between presenters and participants and should allow attendees to gain insight.

  • 1-3 presenters are encouraged (but not required) and an opportunity for audience participation is expected.
  • Successful sessions include 40-45 minutes of content with 15-20 minutes for audience engagement.

  • Proposals should be organized around a topic that will have wide appeal to the Fulbright community. Interactive presentations recommended!

  • Session chairs should complete the proposal and provide short bios for you and any additional co-presenters. Complete information must be provided with the proposal submission.
  • Wi-Fi and projectors will be provided for these sessions, if needed.

Session Duration: 60 minutes

Roundtable Discussions (20 Minutes)

Less formal way to engage other attendees around a central topic, idea, or research area – meant to generate discussion and engagement.

  • Presenters will each have 20 minutes to provide a brief introduction to a topic and lead a discussion with several prompting questions.  
  • Each table will represent a variety of topics and themes. Participants are allowed to rotate from table to table during a 1-2 hour session.   
  • Handouts and laptop files are encouraged, but WiFi and projectors will not be available.

Duration: 20 minutes

Click here to read FAQs for the Roundtable Presentations.

Poster Presentations (60 Minutes)

Designed to be impactful information sessions on your Fulbright experience, idea, issue and/or research, presenters will visually represent their data and present their content to conference participants.

  • Eligible presenters include individual and institutional Fulbright Association members as well as prospective members. Returning Fulbright grantees, students, and teachers should feel welcome to submit proposals in this category.
  • Past posters have reflected participants’ Fulbright grant experience/research or other work that they are engaged in, overview of a project, best practices for teaching, photo journals, and outreach efforts both in the U.S. and abroad. Be creative!
  • During a dedicated poster session time block, presenters will be available at their posters to discuss their research and/or experience. Attendees can use this one-on-one time with presenters to learn more and ask questions. Presenters, please plan to be on your feet for a significant amount of time.
  • The Fulbright Association cannot print your poster for you. Please plan to bring your poster with you to the conference.
  • The Fulbright Association will provide either a trifold display, bulletin board, or other means by which you can display your poster. Details will accompany notification of acceptance of the proposal for the poster session.

Duration: The poster presentation will be 60 minutes or more, however, posters may remain hanging for the duration of the conference for attendees to see. You are welcome to engage visitors about your research at any time.

Fulbright Talks (10 Minutes)

These 8-10 minute talks, styled after “Moth Radio” stories, will allow attendees to view the world from the perspective of the presenter. This year, we invite you to submit along the theme of –


As we gather together for the first time in two years, we want to hear your stories of hope, of joy, and of triumph. We want to hear about big wins and small feats, about significant journeys and about what went right today. This year, Fulbright Talks is all about those moments of victory—those times when the struggle was worth it, hardship was defeated, and successes achieved.

  • Proposals should relate to the conference theme and be organized around a topic that will have wide appeal to the Fulbright community.
  • WiFi and projectors will be available for these sessions.

Duration: 10 minutes 

Call for Proposals Worksheet

This document is a snapshot of the Call for Proposals (CFP) submission form. Use this worksheet to plan your responses to each of the questions in the CFP, then copy and paste your responses into our online submission form.

Click here to download the 2022 Call For Proposals Worksheet

Please note, this is NOT how program proposals will be submitted to the conference. Please do not submit this worksheet.

For questions about proposal submission, including how to use this tool, contact the FA team at

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How do I submit my proposal?

A: Please submit your proposal through the online submission page by clicking here. Please do not e-mail or mail us your submission. Only proposals submitted through the online submission form will be considered. If you experience any technical difficulties, please contact us at

Q: I am not a Fulbrighter. May I still submit a proposal?

A: Yes, however, all presenters must register to present at the conference and Fulbright Association members receive a considerable discount. If you are not a Fulbright grantee, you may join the Fulbright Association as a Friend of Fulbright.

Q: I haven’t decided on a title yet. Can I change it later?

A: Yes. While we require a “working title” for all submissions, if your proposal is accepted, you may change the title at a later date by a given deadline.

Q: I don’t have any co-presenters. Can I submit a proposal for a session?

A: Yes. You can present as an individual presenter.

Q: May I submit multiple proposals?

A: Yes, we encourage multiple submissions. However, due to limited slot availability, if multiple proposals are approved, you may be asked to select one.

Q: I submitted my proposal through the online submission form. How do I know if it went through?

A: If you completed the form, we have received your proposal. You should see a “Thank You” page once submitted and automatically receive a confirmation e-mail from google forms. Remember to check your junk mail!

Q: If I am accepted, will the Fulbright Association pay my travel expenses or waive my conference registration?

A: Unfortunately, the Fulbright Association cannot pay travel expenses or waive conference registrations for presenters at this time. All presenters must register for the conference.

Q: If I (or my co-presenters) only intend to present at the conference, without attending any other sessions, do I still need to register?

A: Yes. All presenters must register, however, you might consider purchasing a one-day registration instead of a full conference registration.

Call for Peer Reviewers

We are seeking program proposal reviewers for the Fulbright Association 45th Annual Conference! The FA Conference is unique thanks to the many talents, backgrounds, and interests of Fulbrighters. You will enjoy reviewing a variety of ideas and proposals from many disciplines and get a rich sense of the exciting diversity that we offer at the Conference.

Position Description:
Peer Reviewers will read and score proposals objectively and independently, based on criteria provided. Programs to review (including general interest sessions, poster sessions, roundtable discussions and Fulbright Talks) will be assigned after July 1. Each reviewer will be assigned between 4-6 programs to review

The advice and guidance from peer reviewers are invaluable assets to our conference and will be acknowledged with an official letter and certificate. All volunteers will be recognized in our conference program book and conference mobile app. 

Thank you for volunteering!

  • Review Dates
    Peer review activities will occur over a two week time period, between July 6-20. 

  • Deadlines
    Reviewer Applications are due by 11:59 PM ET on Friday, July 1, 2022

  • Proposal reviews must be completed by 11:59 PM PDT on Wednesday, July 20, 2022. The Program Advisory Committee will meet shortly thereafter to select the programs that will be included in this year’s annual conference.

  • Qualifications
    Reviewers must be current Fulbright Association (FA) members. If you are not a member, please join for as little as $25/year.

  • Travel Commitment
    While we hope you would join us at the conference, travel is not expected for this position.

If interested in serving as a peer reviewer, please complete the application form below. Opportunities are available to members only.