Terima Kasih, Malaysia – Sean O’Carroll – Malaysia 2019

2019 Fulbright Malaysia ETAs Sean O’Carroll, Zak Gordon, and Carter Sanders present “Terima Kasih, Malaysia”, a poetic homage to their experience teaching English in the country. During their year, Sean and Zak lived on the eastern side of the Malay peninsula while Carter lived on the island of Borneo. A majority of the footage shown was filmed in Malaysia, but also includes aerial footage from Indonesia, Vietnam, and Thailand during Sean’s travels. This video is dedicated to each of the communities that welcomed the 2019 cohort with open arms, and of course, our students!

Sean O’Carroll – Filmer and Editor

Zak Gordon – Poet and Writer

Carter Sanders – Composer and Musician

Ben Perez – Underwater footage

Cole Riggan – Executive Producer and Writer

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