Fulbright Changed My Life – Eugenie Trow – Netherlands 1966

Year: 1966-67, Amsterdam, Nederlands

Who I am:
Retired teacher of Theatre Arts and Math at a two-year college.

Why I went:
To study Intuitionistic Mathematics, found only at the University of Amsterdam. This mathematical theory advocates that we need to be suspicious about processes that repeat “forever,” since we can’t be there when it happens. It reminded me of my natural suspicion of the process “ad infinitum” when I had first heard about it.

Most eye opening:
How the Nederlands people are very aware of the world outside their own country – aware of all of Europe – the pan European world view that was soon to materialize in the European Union.

Most unexpected:
How many bicycles can be on a street at the same time; Ease of learning Nederlands (since I already knew German).

First thing I will do when I go back again:

Visit my student housing along the Groenburgwal canal.

Gifts from the year:
To learn what “old” really means –

To live in an old, remodeled warehouse along a canal; To immerse myself in the arts:

Visual arts (Van Gogh, Rembrandt, etc.), orchestra, dance, theatre close by in Amsterdam.

Eugenie Trow – Fulbright to Netherlands 1966

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