The Intersections of Graphic Design and Architecture – Vincent Robbins – Honduras 2009

My Fulbright experience in Honduras at CEDAC, Centre for Design, Architecture and Construction, in 2009, was a memorable one. It is among the top 5 educational institutions of the country and I held workshops there for two weeks for local Architects and  Graduate Students. Many of the participants were studying Graphic Design. A total of thirty seven individuals participated. The administrators and many others were very enthusiastic and gracious. There was a big interest in refining the intersections of architecture and graphic design. We developed work which featured two dimensional imaging that developed into a three dimensional finish. The individual projects were mailed, and when received, the recipients opened and folded the final pieces into a three dimensional form, a form that related to architecture. I also gave a presentation and a talk about Design Education. I based most of my presentation with a focus on creative problem solving. Most of my experience came from my past work with notables from the field of design, such as Charles Eames, Louis Danziger Raymond Loewy, and my time as Head of Gaphic Design at the Los Angeles County Museum of Art. I presented a show of fine art prints, that I had created with an experimental use of typography, at both their main campus in the capital city of  Tegucigalpa and at their campus in San Pedro Sula. While I was in Tegucigalpa, I was invited to attend an event hosted by the U.S. State Department and met many political and educational leaders from several countries. I also visited several studios while I was there. What I learned from this experience is how creative individuals survived and worked under very difficult conditions.

Vincent Robbins – Fulbright to Honduras 2009

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