Eagle in Mongolia – Jay Nathan – Mongolia 2008

Eagle in Mongolia – Jay Nathan – Mongolia 2008

Jay Nathan 2008 Mongolia Fulbright Scholar-1084b529After a class-room lecture, I was surprised by my host-professor, who said, “I am driving you to an interesting place in a mountain.” He did not say much, until we got near to a man, who happens to be an eagle-trainer.  We saw him just let go of his eagle.

Then, I saw the eagle chasing a fox running for its life, and it is no match for the eagle; it finally succumbed to the agility of its prey.

What a sight! After that, my colleague suggested that I take a photo with the same eagle and I could not keep the eagle too long in my hand, since it weighed at least sixty pounds.

Jay Nathan – Fulbright to Mongolia 2008

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