Fulbright and new perspectives about online jobs – Vumilia Maturo – USA 2018

Having a chance to participate in one of the Fulbright Exchange programs (FLTA) changed my perspective on online jobs.

Before Fulbright, I thought all advertisements about online jobs are scams. I thought people who post those jobs intend to use others for their benefits like, getting their information and use them illegally. I was scared to provide my information, bank account, etc. But after the program, all of those thoughts changed after introduced to online teaching and exposed to the new way of lifestyle, culture, flexibility, and a new understanding of diversity. I learned trust and mutual understanding is the most important thing in life and for the growth whether personal or professional.

Fulbright shaped my personal and professional development and broadened my experience my diversity. But as a foreign language instructor, my aspirations of sharing my language and culture with others around the world grew strong. That desire for sharing and curiosity of understanding the outside world drives me to try new things like online teaching. As a way to fulfill that desire and continue applying the Fulbright experience I decided to start working online, and I am capable to secure various jobs as a foreign language tutor.

I am glad for the Fulbright opportunity because it introduces me to the outside world and contributed a lot to both personal and professional growth. I got a chance to meet new people, network, learning to live in a multi-cultural environment, and making new friends from different parts of the world.

#once a Fulbright always, a Fulbright.

Vumilia Maturo – Fulbright to USA 2018

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