Presenting with my Teacher and Professor in DC –  Maria Gabriela Portal – USA 2010

My Fulbright experience was the experience any English teacher wants to have in the teaching and learning language career.

 My experience started in the fall of 2010 in Hamilton College, located in a beautiful town called Clinton, Upstate New York. By having the experience of teaching Spanish and my connection with the culture of the little province called “Jujuy” in Argentina, this allowed me to value every interaction and cultural meeting in the community where I lived. During my exchange, I was honored to present with my dear English teacher at the 2017 Annual Fulbright Conference in Washington DC. The conference was held for advocacy and to build meaningful connections that brought innovative teaching ideas in our home community and an international view in our local university platforms at UNJu (Universidad Nacional de Jujuy). 

 Thank you Fulbright and this wonderful community of scholars keeping the Fulbright spirit to the top!

 Maria Gabriela Portal – Fulbright to USA 2010

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