Norway and Meeting My Husband – Nancy Ortmeyer Kuhn – Norway 1980

I studied in Trondheim, Norway on a Fulbright scholarship as part of my music Masters degree at the University of Minnesota in Minneapolis. It was a life-changing experience to live outside the Midwest for a year and learn and enjoy Norwegian customs and Norwegian folk music.

I also took every opportunity to travel throughout Europe while I was living in Norway. Over the holiday break, I met my future husband who was backpacking through Europe.  We met on the Silje Line Ferry that travels from Stockholm to Helsinki in mid-December when it was very cold and dark. We have been married for over 30 years and have two wonderful children. I am now a tax lawyer in Washington DC, and occasionally represent Europeans with US tax issues. It is always good to be able to discuss my experiences while living in Norway, and relate to my clients in that manner.

I feel that my Fulbright experience broadened my horizons so that I could envision going to law school and working and living in DC. It was a wonderful experience, and taught me more than multiple years in grad school!

Nancy Ortmeyer Kuhn – Fulbright to Norway 1980

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