Five Institutions in Nigeria Benefit from U.S. Fulbright Scholar – Joseph Orban – Nigeria 2018

Dr. Joseph Orban, a Distinguished Professor of Biomedical Sciences at Southern University at Shreveport served as a U.S. Fulbright Scholar to Nigeria from September 3, 2018 to September 3, 2019. During this period, Dr. Orban provided services to four Universities and a Scientific Equipment Development Institute. Among the Universities served by Dr. Orban were Benue State University (BSU) Makurdi, Federal University of Agriculture Makurdi and University of Mkar, all in Benue State and the University of Abuja Nigeria.

At the Benue State University, which was the host institution, Dr. Orban provided instructional lectures to medical students at BSU and nursing students at the Benue State School of Nursing in the areas of Human Anatomy, Human Physiology, Pharmacology and Nutrition. He also provided lectures on Research Procedures and Ethics and conducted demonstrational research involving body composition analysis. Volunteer students were assessed for body composition analysis including body weight, body mass index, body fat, body water, muscle mass and body energy. He also trained BSU faculty and staff on Grant Writing and presented seminars on the Role of Nutrition in Medicine and How to Become a Fulbright Scholar.

Dr. Orban also participated in two community radio programs which were aired on Radio Benue to Benue citizens. The first program was to explain the Fulbright Program to the citizens of Benue State and the second one was the “Incorporation of Mobile Devices into Teaching and Learning and On-line Classes”. At the end of the Fulbright Program, Dr. Orban donated books, equipment, and other training aides to BSU. At a farewell gathering held in his honor prior to his return to U.S. Dr. Orban was honored with a Meritorious Award by the BSU College of Health Sciences for the services he rendered to the University.

At the Federal University of Agriculture Makurdi, Dr. Orban served as a Guest Speaker presenting research on the Development of Japanese Quail Embryos in Space to veterinary students and faculty of the University. Additionally, he conducted a seminar on Grant Writing for faculty and staff of the University. He received Award of Excellence for his service to the University which was presented by the Association of Veterinary Medical Students at the Federal University of Agriculture Makurdi.

Dr. Orban also conducted Grant Writing Work at University of Mkar, Benue State, and also at the University of Abuja Nigeria covering federal grants, state grants, foundation grants, contracts and cooperative agreement.

Dr. Orban was invited by the Executive Director of Scientific Equipment Development Institute (SEDI) in Minna, Niger State Nigeria to visit, inspect and make recommendations on the development of Human Anatomy Models for use in Nigerian institutions and universities. He toured and inspected the SEDI facility and made recommendations for improvement of the Engineering workshop, Glass and Allied workshop, Ceramic Workshop, Wood Workshop and Human Anatomy Model Workshop which was in a real bad shape. Following inspection and recommendations made, funds were released by the government to renovate the Human Anatomy Model Workshop.

Joseph Orban – Fulbright to Nigeria 2018

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