English Teaching Seminar in Japan – Mitzi Asai Loftus – Japan 1958

A highly successful English Teaching Seminar, planned and set up by Miss Mitzi Asai, for Japanese teachers in the Shizuoka Prefecture was held at Miss Asai host institution on March 1.

Assisting Miss Asai, in the well- organized one-day session, were Mr. and Mrs. William E. Norris, Miss Isabel D. Phisterer and Mrs. Edward Kirk. The Seminar was composed of demonstration lessons with first year Junior High School students, pronunciation and pattern practice, structure and pattern practice sessions in the morning and an afternoon session of teaching vocabulary in the oral approach followed by a panel discussion on the sessions and problems in teaching English in general.

Mrs. Yuki Maki, American Program Officer and an observer at the session, reports that she was greatly impressed with the eagerness on the part of the attending Japanese teachers and the accomplishments the Seminar attained in the short course of a single day.

Mitzi Asai Loftus – Fulbrighter to Japan 1958


Story below originally from the International Herald Tribune – September 16th, 2002

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