My Journey to the Heart of the American Dream – Chuck Chuan Ng – USA 2018

The Fulbright US-ASEAN Initiate program has expanded my thinking horizons and allowed me to step out of my personal comfort zone which allowed me to always strive for greater heights and excellence in whatsoever field that I am currently pursuing. It has solemnly been a positive stepping stone for me to think and act out of the common box for most of the tasks/assignments (in both my personal work and social life) that I am handling now whereby, I realized I often used to be very naive and narrow-minded in my older days.

The Fulbright program has indirectly moulded my personal development skills (team-building, leadership, negotiation, effective communication and critical thinking). It has polished, trained, as well as built up my self-confidence and courage in dealing with problems and enabled me to be both the problem seeker and solver at the same time in whatsoever difficulties that I encounter in my life. It has also allowed me to be persevere and witness my own vision to become reality. In fact, I have turned to be courageous and speak up for when I want to make a change for the future, not for the sake of myself, but more importantly for the good of everyone else.

Chuck Chuan Ng – Fulbright to USA 2018

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