Collaborative Learning and Fun – Hayal Köksal – Turkey 1986

During the summer months of 1986, Fulbright held a six-week-communicative approach seminar for ELT lecturers working at various Turkish universities. Nearly a hundred participants, under the dynamic leadership of 15 professors, had wonderful days and nights at the dreamlike venue -Robert College- by the Bosphorus.

The seminar leaders, Mrs. Julia Burks and Mrs. Nevin İnal, had created a very joyful and fruitful atmosphere to ornament the participants under the inspiring leadership of the Chair Mr. Hüsnü Ersoy.

Every day of the week was full of collaboration and learning the ways of how to create an effective and contemporary classroom and the nights were full of joy, fun, and Turkish dance and music. Our professors were very fond of us and we tried to do our best to be helpful to our future students. Wonderful friendships were established.

The seminar opened new ways to the participating minds and as a result, some of them chose to be academicians, while others moved to other fields. Some of them passed away but we still commemorate them with a lovely smile in our hearts. Our corresponding still goes one with a few but I believe no one has ever forgotten that wonderful experience.

Hayal Köksal – Fulbright to Turkey 1986

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