Connected to Make a Better World – Rolando E. Tellez – USA 1992

Connected to Make a Better World – Rolando E. Tellez – USA 1992
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Discovery Impact Area of Meteorite

The Fulbright Program made my life more productive and interesting by being connected to the rest of the world. I was born to a poor family in Nicaragua.

This excellent program allowed me to go native in American culture and acquire the skills and motivation to continue learning up to this day.

Living in the poorest country in the Spanish-speaking world, I managed to share what I learned by writing bilingual books.

Also, the motivation to be curious and do research allowed me to discover a huge crater of an ancient Meteorite site in my home country, Pantasma Meteorite.

Recently, the COVID-19 pandemic has given me the time to get more training on automated translation, getting hired by International Companies such as Mars Translation and Lionbridge. I continued working with the world thanks to the wonderful Fulbright program, which makes a difference in one’s personal life and the world.

The Fulbright program is part of the American dream for many people around the world.

Rolando E. Tellez – Fulbright to USA 1992

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