Celebrating Winter – Audre Kapacinskas – Lithuania 2009

Celebrating Winter – Audre Kapacinskas – Lithuania 2009

Living in a climate that is cold for the majority of the year opened my eyes to the beauty of the winter season. The solitude of the long, dark nights made one appreciate the delicate grey daylight, warm friendships and utilitarian clothing that enabled one to spend considerable time outside. Cultural traditions that had developed over decades, possibly centuries, didn’t shun the cold weather, but rather leaned into everything the season brought to bear. Why wait for summer to have a festival? All you need to celebrate the season is a frozen lake, a roaring bonfire and some fire-cooked meals to share with friends.

Audre Kapacinskas – Fulbright to Lithuania 2009

The Great Bonfires of Northern Europe

Winter Festivals

Winter wonderland

Winter Traditions

Frozen Lake Racing

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