Unity in our Diversity – Divine Tarla – USA 2016

Unity in our Diversity – Divine Tarla – USA 2016

Fulbright is an organization that celebrates unity in our diversity. For an academic year, I spent time in a laboratory in Kansas State University, but also got the opportunity to attend a number of conferences, outreach and enrichment seminars. I met a lot of people from different backgrounds, colors, religion, race and ideologies but we all celebrated our time together. Personally, I see a lot of mutual understanding on many issues now after becoming a Fulbrighter.

Divine Tarla – Fulbright to USA 2016

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Enrichment Seminar on Food Security in Minneapolis, Minesota in 2017 where close to 97 scholars from close to 60 countries met to talk of food security

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During my Fulbright grant, I received an Outreach lecture Fund to travel to University of Alaska, Fairbanks.. This is a university is a land-, sea- and air-grant university.

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African Scholars welcome party in Washington D.C. was a great opportunity to meet scholars from different countries in Africa

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  1. Ngwayu Victor N

    I live this. This is amazing, unity in diversity indeed.

  2. Awasung Stella

    Wow! Awesome moments with great brains!

  3. FNU Colette

    This was a great event and congratulations to this team of scholars meeting to talk about food security, one of the main issues that gave humanity! Wishing you all the best in your endeavors to make life better and meaningful

  4. Tebid Mungyeh John Paul

    What an awesome experience via Fulbright.

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