The Best of Times – Missie Hodges Schaefer – Italy 1990

Fulbright afforded a Latin high school teacher with two college kids the opportunity to see and experience everything that is usually on the pictures of her Latin textbook. Since I was in the sixth grade, I was inspired by my teacher to want to see Italy. There are not enough words to describe what a summer in Italy can do to make someone a better teacher after spending time with professors and other teachers in one of the most historic place on earth. It was the most amazing and enriching experience of my life. After that summer, I took my students to Italy who wished to go. After retirement, my husband and I went on our own just exploring the nooks and crannies of Italy. Several parents told me that I was “contagious” when talking about Italy and many of my students were inspired to do a semester abroad in Italy while in college.

My Fulbright experience made me a better teacher, a better wife, a better mother, and a better citizen of the world. Thank you for affording me the opportunity to show young people a way to discover another part of the world and know that other cultures can make you a better citizen of the world.

Missie Hodges Schaefer – Fulbright to Italy 1990

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