The Golden Year – Evelyn Eller – Italy 1954

When I was 21, I received a Fulbright Grant to Italy. It was an inspiring and important part of my development as an artist and at age 87, I am still working and exhibiting. In 2016, I created an artist book about memories of my Fulbright year which included text from the State Department letters, my original etchings of Italy, and photos I took at the time. It was a golden year for a young woman, the experience still resonates in me.

Evelyn Eller – Fulbright to Italy 1954

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  1. Such an inspiring account of your Fulbright experience and its aftermath, Evelyn. I can totally empathise with you, in that I was privileged to be awarded a Fulbright Scholarship back in 2006-7 and it was a seminal experience in my life, too. It was a golden six months which, in my case, capped a long career in teaching. Whether one is young or not so young, the opportunities offered by the Fulbright Association have an immeasurably positive impact on both recipients and beneficiaries around the world.

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