The Fulbright Spirit – Mark William Drews – Norway 1993

The Fulbright Spirit – Mark William Drews – Norway 1993

Almost 30 years ago, I was presented with the opportunity to help create Norway’s first graduate music production and recording program. Having provided initial ideas for the new program, I thought it might be possible to travel to Norway as a researcher to work with the project on site in Stavanger. After investigating options for assistance, an opportunity was discovered at the Fulbright Foundation. A new research field, Electronic Media and the Arts, was launched by the Fulbright Foundation, and this project fit the area’s funding criteria.

Luckily, the project was funded and I spent the 1993-94 academic year laying the groundwork for the program that launched in the Fall of 1994. In 1996, I returned to direct the program and continued to do so after 25 years. During all these years, the Fulbright Spirit has been a part of the program as it evolved into an international program that has welcomed students from all corners of the globe.

Mark William Drews – Fulbright to Norway 1993

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