Fulbright DAT Cohort 2017 – Abdelkrim Benqdad – Indiana, USA 2017

One of the best memories in my life was when I was selected to go on a Fulbright learning journey to the United States joining 17 other international brilliant scholars from all around the globe. Through Fulbright, I received a lot of learning and connection opportunities, precious moments with students, teachers and officials that truly marked my experience.

The take away has been tremendous both personally and professionally. I never imagined how enriching and eye-opening the Fulbright experience was until I had the chance to live it fully! A journey of self-discovery and rebirth through a number of well-planned activities geared towards making the journey a memorable one; seminars, courses, trips, family outings, festivals, are among the things I cherished and enjoyed to the fullest.

Thank you Fulbright! Actually, I can’t thank you enough for turning my life into what it is now: new dimensions!

Abdelkrim Benqdad – Fulbright to Indiana, USA 2017

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