Digging for Camelot – Mike Morrissey – United Kingdom 1966

Hearing that Professor Leslie Alcock, University of Glasgow, was about to begin his search for the site of Camelot near Glastonbury, Somerset, I determined that it was something that the lads and I might like to experience. We phoned Alcock and asked if we might visit. He indicated that they were just starting the digs, but that we would be welcome. Off we went in a hired coach, with at least one liter of squash per boy. It was a grand outing, and we suffered only one case of “too much squash” on the return trip home. It was the experience of a lifetime for me. I imagine many of the lads have taken their own families by now. And Arthur? Well, in spite of the digging we still don’t know where he is….

Mike Morrissey – Fulbright to United Kingdom 1966

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