Fulbright to Spain 1987-89

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Artist Statement

Sara Morris Swetcharnik–sculptor, painter, writer–has maintained a Maryland studio for four decades with her husband artist William Swetcharnik. They also lived abroad two years in in Spain (1987-89), where they shared a Fulbright Collaborative Research Grant; later, they lived seven years in Honduras, where William founded the Latin American Art Resource Project with a 1995 CIES Grant. There, always fascinated by nature and ways to depict it, Sara undertook a series of sculptures and stories about Central American animals. Her hope is to cultivate environmental concern as well as heighten viewers’ aesthetic experiences. At an exhibition of her animal art at the National Zoological Park, a visitor was heard to contemplate her bronze of a Komodo dragon yearling, and comment: “I used to dislike reptiles, but this sculpture has a poetic grace that helps me appreciate and care about the animal.”