Featured Institution: Ohio Dominican University

Featured Institution: Ohio Dominican University

Ohio Dominican University, a small, private Dominican liberal arts university in Columbus, Ohio and a new institutional member, is the host university for a new Fulbright Association chapter. The Central Ohio Chapter, which covers the central and southern regions of Ohio, was conceived from the dedication of the President of Ohio Dominican, Dr. Robert Gervasi, who himself is a Fulbright alum. As a Senior Fulbright Scholar in Classics, he lectured at the University of Zimbabwe in 1995.

“Ohio Dominican University is thrilled to become the home of the new Central Ohio Chapter of the Fulbright Association,” says Dr. Gervasi. “Ohio Dominican is committed to academic excellence, including excellence in international education. Inspired by our founders, the Dominican Sisters of Peace, we also share the Fulbright Program’s overarching vision of world peace through grass-roots contact and understanding among citizens. As a Fulbright alumnus myself, I’m personally gratified that Ohio Dominican will help spread the Fulbright message in our region.”

Although hosted by Ohio Dominican University, the chapter is open to all Fulbrighters, alumni, and friends of international education in the region. This open community is evidenced by the leadership of the chapter, which includes faculty and staff from The Ohio State University, Ashland University, and the University of Cincinnati, as well as the host institution.

The chapter has already held its first board meeting, where committees were formed and an emphasis on mentoring and welcoming incoming Fulbrighters was decided upon for year one.

As an institutional member in an area where a Fulbright community had yet to be engaged, Ohio Dominican University saw the need and responded accordingly. Our hope and goal is to foster more partnership like this in order to bring the Fulbright network to more regions across the country.

If your institution is interested in learning more about hosting or partnering with a chapter, please email jordan@fulbright.org.

–Jordan Bradford
Manager of Membership and Chapter Relations

Featured in above photo.
Top Row: Dr. Robert Gervasi (ODU President), Diana Criclivaia (Board Member), Christine O’Malley (Chapter President), Julie DePaulo (Board Member), Nicole Hoefer (Chapter Secretary)
Bottom Row: Rick Breault (Chapter Treasurer), Richelle Delia (Board Member), Fernando Lopez (Chapter Vice President), Natalie Chang (Board Member)

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