Munir Sayegh – Egypt 2011

Munir Sayegh – Egypt 2011

Munir Sayegh’s collection of specialties is multi-faceted: he is a photographer, artist, designer, researcher, and data guru with professional expertise in marketing and economics. As a Fulbrighter and study abroad alum, he not only has had the chance to build these skills, he now uses his experience to give back to the international exchange community.

Munir earned his master’s degree in Economics at Purdue University. He graduated with a bachelor’s degree in Marketing and Graphic Design from St. Ambrose University, where he studied abroad at Al Akhawayn University in Morocco.

In 2011, he embarked on his Fulbright Program to Egypt, where he researched Arabic calligraphy and typography in Cairo. During this project, he had the opportunity to study with the master calligrapher, Mostafa Mohammed Emary, who taught him the intricate details of the Arabic script. His cultural exchange was not limited to calligraphy: while studying, he lived in Faisal, Giza with several Egyptian friends that helped him explore the country on a deeper and more meaningful level.

“The Fulbright Program has forever linked me to Egypt and its inspiring people,” says Munir about his experience. “It is a bridge between people that lasts a lifetime.”

Promoting international education opportunities and supporting international students is both a personal interest and a professional ambition. Munir previously worked as an International Admissions Counselor at Purdue University, where he worked directly with international students to offer guidance and support during the often intimidating process of making arrangements to come to the United States to study. Before that, he was an International Recruiter at St. Ambrose University, where he founded the International Admissions office and nearly doubled international student enrollment.

More than that, Munir has worked to contribute to the Fulbright mission and engage the Fulbright community in a number of ways. He collaborated with the Fulbright Association and other volunteers to coordinate four TEDxFulbright events, a program that combines the vision of the Fulbright Program with TEDx’s innovation-driven discussion format to showcase the experience and projects of Fulbrighters that highlight the power of progress through international, cross-cultural, and interdisciplinary connection and community action. From 2011 to 2015, he also volunteered as a Fulbright Alumni Ambassador with the Institute of International Education, where he represented Fulbright in several capacities, including both online and on Capitol Hill.

Currently, Munir is working as a Data Consultant with the Fulbright Association on a project never before attempted: a “census” of over 72 years’ worth of Fulbrighters. This  information is crucial to proving the value and reach of the Fulbright Program, and mobilizing alumni to advocate for the Program and enable their engagement through an established network.

Munir’s work in promoting cultural connections is also reflected in his aptitude for capturing moments on camera. From ancient mosques and desert landscapes to crowds of people in busy streets, his artistic portfolio attests to his varied observations and experiences abroad. Check out a sample of Munir’s photography work below, and click here to see his full online gallery.

–Alison Aadland

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