Distinguished Fulbrighters Recognized by IIE

Distinguished Fulbrighters Recognized by IIE

Three distinguished Fulbright alumni were recently recognized for their ability to “forge new discoveries and change the world” by the Institute for International Education. These Fulbrighters have made outstanding contributions to science, technology and human rights, and all have recognized their Fulbright experiences abroad as shaping their careers.

Excerpts from IIE’s Opening Minds blog:

Sergio Aguayo: Fulbright from Mexico to the U.S., 1975

Professor Aguayo is a recipient of the foreign Fulbright student grant and is one of the most renowned intellectuals and champions of democracy in his native Mexico. He has established several notable human rights groups.

Anurag Gupta: U.S. Fulbright to Myanmar and South Korea, 2004

Anurag Gupta is the founder of Be More, a startup aiming to revolutionize human relations through science and education training. He describes teaching abroad through the Fulbright program as being a ‘transformative gift’.

Brian Hardin: U.S. Fulbright to the United Kingdom, 2004

Dr. Brian Hardin is an expert in device physics who has co-founded PLANT PV, a startup dedicated to making solar energy sources more competitive and affordable than fossil fuels. He initially researched solar cells at Oxford, which sparked his interest in the energy source.

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