FAQs For Themed Sessions

Fulbright Association Annual Conference

These FAQs are intended for those who have been selected to present or co-present a themed session during the conference.

Q. What is the format for a themed session?
A. These sessions are 75 minutes in length and the room will be theatre styled with a table for panelists. Depending on the number of presenters confirmed for the session, participants should organize their time in order to allow at least 15 minutes for audience participation and discussion.

Q. Is there a data projector or presentation screen available for this format?
A. WiFi and projectors will be available for themed sessions.

Q. Were all submitted abstracts accepted for the program?
A. No.

Q. Why is my topic edited on the schedule?
A. Some title abstracts exceeded the space available on the printed program.

Q. Are co-authors’ names listed on the Panel printed schedule?
A. No. Space did not allow listing more than the primary author indicated on your abstract submission.

Q. Should I bring handout copies of my outline or major points?
A. Yes. Please list full session title, all co-authors and their contact information.

Q. How will the time allowed per presenter be regulated?
A. We will have UMPIRES to keep us on schedule. They will be unforgiving to presenters who exceed the time allotted. .

Q. When will Q and A be allowed?
A. You can allow it within your OWN time slot. Otherwise, general Q and A and additional discussion can be saved for the last 15 minutes.

Q. What if I don’t want to entertain questions during my time slot?
A. Please say so at the beginning of your presentation by asking attendees to hold questions until the end of all presentations.

Q. May I provide my email address on my handout for further collaboration with Conference attendees?
A. Yes – absolutely.

Q. What if my co-authors want to participate in the presentation?
A. If you have been asked to share your session with another titled session, you should split the time equally between the two topics, and use your co-presenters within your allotted time.

Q. What if I have additional questions about this format?
Please feel free to email us at conference@fulbright.org. We are happy to help and answer questions. What we cannot do is change the format of your presentation nor extend the time assigned for your presentation.

Q. How early should I arrive in the session room?
A. Please arrive to your session at least 10 minutes prior to the start time. This will allow you to have your full time slot without concern for lost time. No relaxation of time slots will be made for any reason, not even when the presenter has a legitimate reason for not being seated and prepared to present. There is simply no slack in this very tight schedule. Please understand and honor your commitment to be where you must be to begin your presentation and discussion.