Celebrate 75 years of Fulbright by Sharing Your Story/Photos/Video!

Fulbrighters have promoted peace through understanding for 75 years in 165 countries. Help us capture the breadth and depth of the Fulbright experience by submitting a story, photos and/or video. If you have any difficulties with the form, please contact munir@fulbright.org

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    • Share Your Story

      Tell a story that illustrates how you connected, partnered and learned while on your Fulbright. Do not summarize your entire experience or work; just share a brief, personal anecdote that captures the “Fulbright Spirit” of mutual understanding through travel and exchange. (500 words or less)

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    Submit up to 4 high-resolution photographs from your Fulbright experience. They could illustrate your work, friendships, and/or the beauty and complexity of the country you visited.

    After the image is uploaded, you will have the option to add a caption and description.

    Image Upload Instructions - Formats accepted: JPG, PNG, or BMP files. Please name your image files (e.g. John-Smith-Germany-1995-1.jpg). File size limit is 10MB per image. If you have any problems uploading your file please email it to munir@fulbright.org
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  • Share Your Video

    Submit a video that captures a special moment for you during your Fulbright experience. Please include a brief description for context. (75 words or less)

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