FAQ for Roundtable Presenters

Fulbright National Conference

Q. For which Conference format am I scheduled to present?

A. You are scheduled to present in the Roundtable Discussion format.

Q. What is this format?

A. The Roundtable format is a real discussion format rather than a panel or lecture or poster format. Each table will have three presenters, and each presenter will have twenty minutes for a presentation.

Q. Am I included in this format even though I requested a different format?

A. Yes. The Conference schedule is full. This allows rich participation by a larger number of presenters. Otherwise, only a handful of presentations would have been accepted.

Q. Is there a data projector or presentation screen available for this format?

A. No. This is a discussion format that takes place at your Roundtable with the participants at your Roundtable.

Q. Should I bring a laptop to make what might otherwise be a PowerPoint presentation?

A. We encourage you to do so. You may turn the laptop around to the table participants to demonstrate or show video or other images.

Q. Will Internet connectivity be available during the Roundtable discussions?

A. No. Please bring any presentation support on your laptop.

Q. Will we have electricity for the laptop connections?

A. No. Please have your laptop battery topped-out for the session.

Q. Is my presentation scheduled for a Roundtable with other like-presentations?

A. No. The idea of this format is to share a large number of discussion topics at the same Roundtable.

Q. How will I know (and how will interested participants know) when and where I am presenting?

A. Your room and your table number and the time at which you will present is shown on the Roundtable schedule along with your topic.

Q. Are my co-authors’ names listed on the Roundtable printed schedule?

A. No. Space did not allow listing more than the primary author indicated on your abstract submission.

Q. What if my co-authors want to participate in the presentation?

A. You are free to use your time slot in any way you wish. What cannot be made available is more time for your presentation to accommodate co-author participation. You and your co-authors are free to divide your assigned time slot as you wish. You are not free to exceed the assigned time slot for any reason.

Q. Should I bring handout copies of my outline or major points?

A. Yes. And please list on your handout all co-authors.

Q. How will the time allowed per presenter be regulated?

A. We will have umpires to keep us strictly on schedule. You will not be allowed to exceed your time slot. Please be cautious of staying within your time period. You will not be allowed to continue your presentation into anyone else’s time slot under any circumstances.

Q. When will Q and A be allowed?

A. You can allow it within your OWN time slot.

Q. May I provide my email address on my handout for further collaboration with Conference attendees?

A. Yes. And unless you specify otherwise, your name will also be included on the Roundtable schedule. This supports extended engagement, collaboration, and Fulbright friendships.

Q. How early should I arrive in the Roundtable room?

A. Round #1 presenters should be seated at the assigned table BEFORE 2:45 p.m. This will allow you to have your full time slot without concern for lost time. Other presenters should be seated well BEFORE your respective time slot for the same reason. No relaxation of time slots will be made for any reason, not even when the presenter has a legitimate reason for not being seated and prepared to present. There is simply no slack in this very tight schedule. Please understand and honor your commitment to be where you must be to begin your presentation and discussion.

Q. Am I free to move to other tables after my own presentation to hear topics of great interest to me?

A. Yes. Please feel free to do so. And be prepared to move quickly in the interest of the tight schedule.