After launching a successful pilot program in 2017, the Fulbright Association is continuing its Fulbright-in-the-Classroom program, which is designed to connect Fulbright alumni with U.S. K-12 schools to share their experiences and introduce students to foreign countries and cultures. We invite interested Fulbright Association chapters and members, teachers and administrators, or other interested parties to read the proposal guidelines and watch the webinar below.

U.S. Fulbright alumni represent a powerful resource whose experiences have the potential to help acquaint more Americans with other parts of the world. Fulbrighters of all types, and especially those recently returned from study, research, or teaching abroad, bring a sense of dynamism to their outlook and enthusiasm for their recent experiences that can be contagious.

Returned Fulbrighters routinely share their experiences at institutions of post-secondary education, since that is where they are often eployed or recently studied, and many have connections to elementary and secondary schools where they teach. Through this initiative, the Fulbright Association seeks to harness the enthusiasm of all interested Fulbrighters in K-12 classrooms in a specific, organized program. By sharing their experiences with students at the elementary and secondary school levels, Fulbrighters can introduce foreign countries and cultures as well as the academic experiences from which they benefited abroad. In doing so, the students will broaden their own appreciation for people from other countries and cultures as well as the work of American students and scholars overseas.

The Fulbright Association, its chapters, and its partners in the Fulbright-in-the-Classroom initiative propose to link Fulbrighters to schools and classrooms on an ongoing basis. When fully implemented, the initiative will couple suggested topics and exercises with Common Core Standards and other curricular frameworks. The Association will provide the administrative support for the initiative and, with its partners, will reach out to potential school partners to arrange the placement of participating Fulbrighters.

Interested chapters are invited to submit proposals to pilot the project in their area. For the full program concept and proposal guidelines, please click here.

Please click above to watch the full webinar, held on August 9, 2018. The webinar is hosted by Michael Korff, Fulbright Association Senior Fellow.

Questions about Fulbright-in-the-Classroom initiative can be directed to Michael at