The Fulbright Forum will unify chapter speaker events under one brand to engage Fulbright alumni  create and share exciting content, build awareness of the Program, and drive diverse applications.

Fulbright Association chapters offer hundreds of events and programs every year that engage alumni and educate the community.  The programs that are rich in content—speaker series, lectures, roundtables, program presentations, film discussions, global policy symposia—promote meaningful conversations that drive the mission of peace through understanding.

The Association will widen the impact of existing chapter speaker programs, connect them to each other, and unify them under a single brand: the Fulbright Forum. Chapters can offer upcoming speaker/discussion programs as a “Fulbright Forum,” and add similar programs to their event calendar. We will encourage every chapter to offer at least one Forum each year, though some can offer many more.

Building on existing programming and supporting it more fully through the Fulbright Forum offers many strategic opportunities for the Fulbright alumni community:

  • Advance the mission by creating more places for thoughtful, informed conversation
  • Engage more alumni and friends by offering substantive ways to connect
  • Promote wider awareness through unified branding and consistent marketing
  • Share content across the chapters through social media, live-streaming, and on demand
  • Share best practices among chapters for event planning and execution
  • Deepen partnerships with local institutions, especially hosting university members
  • Advance advocacy when local members of Congress attend these events
  • Attract diverse applicants to the Fulbright Program with community outreach

Fulbright Forums are flexible as a platform. A Forum could be a small gathering with a local speaker and informal conversation, or a large campus event featuring a prominent panel.  Chapters can offer Fulbright Forums with all or most of these features:

  • Content that is substantive and preferably international
  • A culture that is inclusive of all viewpoints
  • A format that promotes thoughtful discussion, debate, and questions
  • An open invitation to the wider community and neighborhood
  • Partnerships with local institutions such as universities, international organizations and schools
  • Consistent branding (logos, messaging) for publicity and at the event
  • Coordination with Fulbright recruiters (campus reps, IIE) including promo materials
  • Invitations to local leaders and officials, including members of Congress

The national office will offer support: event templates and consultation, best practice/training webinars, branded printed and digital materials, communications strategies and assistance, etc.

Chapters interested in participating in this program should contact and consider including Forum proposals in their chapter grant applications for 2019-2020.